7 Jan 2014

Liebster Award

I am new to the blogging world and when I was thinking how to connect with the other bloggers, Aara from Sweets and Spices chose me for this award! And within 2 days Tanya from easy and simple foods gave me this award. 

Libster award is a kind of E-award given by one blogger to another. As a token of love, appreciation, affection.

I am happy to receive this award and get connected with all the other lovely bloggers!

As the name suggests this award helps discover new blogs and connect with others. Also this award is given for those blogs with less than 300 members. 

I thank Aara and Tanya for choosing me!

What do u need to do when u receive the award?
  1. Pass the award to others by nominating about 5-10 new bloggers who has less than 300 followers.
  2. Add the award logo in your blog post.
  3. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
  4. Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
  5. Frame 10 questions for your nominees.  
  6. Notify your nominees by sending them a comment.

So my questions were :

1) What did u understand with the concept of blogging?
Blog is actually a truncation of web log. It is an online journal where one's thoughts, ideas are recorded.

2) What are the things that changed after you started blogging?
My already hectic life became more hectic!

3) If you are a food blogger do ur family and friends support your efforts?
Oh yes, my husband and my parents are extremely supportive.

4) How is your blog different from other blogs you came across?
I aspire to make my blog more simple to navigate.

5) Do you have virtual friends? How does it feel when u interact with them?
I have only 1 friend so far. That's you Aara! It's lovely interacting with you.

6) What is your new year resolutions and why?
I never make new year resolution since i hardly keep them!

7) One thing you can change about yourself?
Be less of a perfectionist. 

8) One thing you always fantasy about u can have?
So far i am satisfied with what i have.

9) 5 things you love the most
  • Jesus
  • My husband
  • My children
  • My parents
  • Driving and blogging

10) Blogging is a different World!! What if u were not a blogger? and what if u have to quit blogging anytime???
If I were not a blogger, i would continue my life as a wife and mum.

So here are my nominees -

Jeni from Cook N Munch  -- http://gifjen.blogspot.in/
Shree from Kitchen in a window
Uma from 100 recipes
Rani from Rani's Gourmet
Vidya from Vidya's Indian Kitchen
Nimmy from Nimmy's Kitchen
Bhawna from Welcome to my Rasoi
Sruthy from Foodaura

So here are my questions for my nominees - 

1. Which is your favorite dish?
2. How did you start blogging?
3. What was your motivation to start blogging?
4. Who inspires you, in terms of cooking?
5. Which food can you never give up?
6. Who is your best critic?
7. Do you prefer cooking or baking?
8. Which is your favorite cookery show?
9. What is the one ingredient in baking that you always have at hand?
10. When did you start cooking?

Thanks again Aara and Tanya for choosing me. Spread the love!

If any of my nominees are not interested in this, please let me know.

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  1. congratulations dear :) Thanks for honor to me as only frnd :) I wish u get many more frnds here All the best and happy blogging! stay in touch!!

  2. Thank you for nominating me.....Thanks for following me...Happy to follow you back..

  3. Thank u for nominating me :)


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