30 Jul 2015

Soya Chunks Masala | Meal Maker Masala | Soya Chunks Recipes

I used to love soya chunks when I was little, I remember my mother making biryani with this meal maker and we used to enjoy it. But as we grew older, my brother and me started noticing a weird flavor and raw odour with these meal makers and completely refused to eat it!

Now many years later, I have found that preparing the soya is the key to remove all raw odour in these meal makers, I use a bit of milk and it works wonders and this has once again become a family favorite! 

Check out the soya 65 recipe.

Soya Gravy

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29 Jul 2015

Whole Wheat Carrot Muffins | Healthy Muffins

If you are regular to my space and haven't noticed yet, I love carrot bakes!! It is my next favorite flavor to chocolate. There are a few carrot bakes that I've already posted and here comes another healthy carrot muffins. I love baking these lovely muffins loaded with goodness. These little goodies tastes absolutely delicious! Of course the texture will be little different since we are using whole wheat but still this is one of my most favorite muffin recipe.
I have already posted an eggless version of carrot muffins but I prefer using eggs and butter while making muffins for kids and this recipe is perfect!

Whole Wheat Carrot Muffins

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24 Jul 2015

How to clean Vazhaipoo (Plantain Flower)

Vazhaipoo called as Banana Flower or Plantain Flower tastes great when made as a curry or vadai but for me the most annoying part is cleaning the flower! The florets have to be cleaned thoroughly before using them. It's actually a simple process but cleaning the entire bunch of florets is not appealing to me all the time!! 

how to clean vazhaipoo

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23 Jul 2015

Pudalangai Kootu | Snake Gourd Kootu

Pudalangai called as Snake Gourd in English is wonderful healthy which tastes absolutely delicious when cooked. I simply love this kootu cooked with dal. Tastes great with any rice variety or even with roti.
The way we make this kootu in our house is extremely simple and easy especially during the early morning bustle and we don't add coconut to this dish, tastes too good!

Pudalangai Kootu

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Vengaya Vadagam | Easy Vathal Recipes

As a little child I remember my paternal grandmother making this vadagam during the hot summer months and then we all use to enjoy eating this with hot hot rasam rice or kuzhambu rice! Now many years later, my parents do the same and I still enjoy this little accompaniments which makes the rice more yum!
I have already posted cheeni avarakkai vathal that my parents make and this is another variety of vadam/vathal that is common in our house. Peeling the shallots is the most painful part of this recipe but it's all worth it since this tastes really delicious eaten by itself or along with a typical Tamilian rice platter.

Vengaya Vadagam

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22 Jul 2015

No Cook Mango Kulfi | Instant Kulfi Recipe

There is no doubt that the original/traditional way to make a dish tastes much better than these instant, quick fix methods but times are changing and no one seems to have the time for an elaborate cooking session. And this is an age of instant gratification, everything needs to be quick and fast paced. Time management has become crucial in every body's life! 

So this kulfi is for those who don't find the time to make the kulfi the traditional way. I have posted a mango kulfi recipe already which requires constant stirring for atleast half hour but this recipe requires no cooking and much simpler but of course the end product does not taste like the traditional kulfi but all the same it tastes wonderful, creamy and yum!

Mango Kulfi

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20 Jul 2015

Oreo Ice Cream | Oreo Recipes

I've been making a lot of ice creams this summer, mostly I make and give away to others. This time I made Oreo Ice Cream for my sweet little niece who loves oreos. If your kids love oreos then you should try this ice cream this summer. This tastes absolutely delightful! You will not be able to stop at one scoop!
If you don't prefer oreos then use any cream biscuits that your kids enjoy!

Oreo Ice Cream

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18 Jul 2015

Nutella Chocolate Cake | Nutella Recipes

This is a simple and easy chocolate cake recipe made only with nutella and it requires no cocoa powder or cooking chocolate. I had a jar of nutella that I was looking to use up and it was my driver's son's second birthday so I made this delightful cake and it came out so well, soft and delicious! I frosted the cake with more nutella and that made the cake even more yum! 
What I felt was, this cake was only mildly chocolaty, if you want to make it more chocolaty,  check notes for my tips.

This recipe marks my 400th post! I feel so happy that I have been able to post 400 recipes! Check out the other milestone posts. And check out the other easy nutella recipes.

Nutella Chocolate Cake

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17 Jul 2015

Palak Chicken | Palak Recipes

Palak called as Spinach in English is one of my most favorite green leafy vegetable! I like to add palak to almost anything that I cook, palak paneer, aloo palak, palak pulao, palak sev. palak corn, palak and egg, palak paratha, palak mushroom...well, it's an absolute favorite and it goes very well with almost anything!
Palak Chicken is a common dish in our house and we simply love it! I don't quite care about retaining the green color of the palak leaves, we like a good tasting dish and I add a lot of masalas to make sure it tastes great! And trust me, this tastes very good!

Palak Chicken

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13 Jul 2015

Vendakkai Kara Kuzhambu | Ladies Finger Kuzhambu

Vendakkai also known as Ladies Finger/Okra or Bhindi is a vegetable with lots of health benefits. This veggie is cooked in various ways in Indian cuisine and it tastes absolutely great! I have already posted a ladies finger poriyal and ladies finger pachadi. This kara kuzhambu is absolutely yum, the spicy and tangy taste just makes it so delicious!
We love all the kuzhambu made in our home and this is no different!

Vendakkai Kuzhambu

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8 Jul 2015

4 Jul 2015

Mango Custard | Easy Mango Recipes

I'm sure everybody must have tasted fruit custard, it's one of the most favorite easy desserts and a wonderful way to get some fruits into your kids. Well, due to surplus of mangoes at home, I decided to make an exclusive mango custard and like any fruit custard, this one turned out to be simple and delicious too!

Mango Custard

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3 Jul 2015

Nungu Rose Milk | Rose Milk Recipes

This summer I have been adding nungu (ice apple) to my desserts, we usually have the fruit as it is but adding it to a drink like this mango nungu milkshake or this mango nungu pudding makes the dessert even more delicious!
My husband says I'm obsessed with nungu and adding it to everything I make, maybe so but I know he's enjoying it too!
And I love the way this looks, so pretty and pleasing to the eyes!

Nungu Rose Milk

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2 Jul 2015

Custard Powder Ice Cream | Easy Homemade Ice Cream

I made this ice cream for my daughter's little friend's birthday. I baked an egg free mango cake and made this ice cream for her and her lovely family. These kids are only 4 years old and their friendship amuses me!
This ice cream turned out to be delicious! So creamy and delightful and the family enjoyed it a lot! When I searched for recipes online, I found a lot of custard powder ice creams but every recipe required blending the ice cream 2 or 3 time and I don't like such messy work. This recipe gave me super soft and creamy ice cream without blending the ice cream multiple times.

Custard Powder Ice Cream

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1 Jul 2015

Thinai Chocolate Chip Cookies | Thinai Cookies | Foxtail Millet Cookies

Millets have become the 'in' thing now! Everybody realizes the benefits of including millets in our regular diet and this is a wonderful way to include millets in kids diet.

This recipe is made with Foxtail Millet, known as Thinai in Tamil and Kangni in Hindi. These cookies are easy to make and takes no effort or time to put together. You will need only few ingredients to make these and I'm sure you will have these in your kitchen.

Check out the other millet recipes.

Thinai Cookies

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