27 Mar 2020

2 Ingredients Homemade Hand Sanitizer

With the corona virus, hand sanitizer's have gone missing in all super markets or it is ridiculously priced. It's easy and simple to make your own hand sanitizer's, you just need a couple of ingredients. To kill potent virus like the covid 19, you need alcohol based sanitizer's, the normal gel based sanitizer's won't be enough. And the alcohol used should be 99% alcohol. 

We used these kinds of alcohol based sanitizer's when we see patients and when we go to the operation theatre to assist cases. These alcohol based hand sanitizer's are not recommended a lot as it has a tendency to wipe out the good bacteria in our hands, but now when we are dealing with something like the coronavirus, it is very important to use good alcohol based hand sanitizer's.

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Immunity Boosting Powder | How to boost immunity naturally

This immunity powder is by Luke Countinho. He is a holistic lifestyle coach and all of his content are very useful to live a natural holistic healthy life. This immunity powder is very effective and works wonder's to keep yourself healthy against any virus attack. 

I have been using this powder for quite sometime now and I can tell you that you can take this drink to protect yourself from cold or sore throat. If you start taking this drink from July then you can be safe during the winter months from any cold or virus attack.

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Turmeric Tea | Golden Tea

Turmeric or golden tea, helps to increase immunity against any virus attack and it also helps you to loose weight quickly! Taking this tea everyday, protects you from cough, cold or sore throat. Taking this tea on empty stomach every morning, helps you to loose weight too!

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