30 Nov 2014

Event Announcement - In My Veg Box

I am happy to announce that I am hosting my second Veg Box event by citrusspiceuk.com! This time the topic is Green Beans. This is one of my most favorite vegetables! I used to love this as a kid and I'm sure this is a favorite among many. There are many varieties of green beans and you can link any of the beans recipe. 

To Participate:

1. Prepare any vegetarian recipe using Green Beans please link your dish using the linky below by entering your Dish Name and Post URL
2. All entries must link this event announcement page and citrusspiceuk blog (http://citrusspiceuk.com/) with the entry post, this is mandatory. Any entries without both blog links will not be accepted.
3. Use of logo is not mandatory but it helps to spread the word if you can use it.
4. Multiple entries are allowed, archived are only allowed if reposted and updated with this event link and citrusspice link

In the event of problem using linky you can email me the entry at (your email here)

Please use this format:
Your Name: Recipe
Name Recipe URL
Image no larger than 300 pixels.

Lets link up some green beans recipes!

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25 Nov 2014

How to bake a flat topped cake | How to prevent domes in cakes

I have been wanting to share this for long but somehow never got to it! Today I am going to share a very simple tip that will help you bake flat cakes. There are many ways to control the dome and this is the easiest for me. No domes, no cutting off the excess and wasting some bits cakes. I don't know where exactly I got this tip from, long before I started baking, I did a lot of research on baking. Went through tons of websites reading up on various aspects of baking and this is one tip that I have found very useful.

How to bake flat topped cake

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23 Nov 2014

How to make a Doll Cake | Doll Cake | Princess Cake

                       Celebrating One Year of Blogging with this gorgeous Doll Cake!

Today marks one year of my blogging journey, seems just like yesterday since I started writing with my first post Fudgy Cocoa Brownie (of course it's a brownie recipe!!) From there I have progressed to 250 plus recipes, not bad with two small kids tagging along! 

It's all because of my Lord Jesus that I have been able to do this, there's no doubt about that! He has given me the strength, wisdom, resources and favor to carry on writing successfully. Many of my friends and family are surprised that I am writing a blog but all credit goes to my Lord who has helped me throughout. Without God we are nothing but with Him I (we) can do all things! 

My favorite verse in the Bible is "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13

Doll Cake

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19 Nov 2014

Christmas Fruit Cake

Christmas Fruit Cake / Plum Cake

"Joy to world, the Lord has come,
Let earth receive her King"

Christmas is in the air! This season brings a lot of joy and fond memories! This is the time of the year when we as children used to visit my grandmother's house and all our cousins, uncles and aunties together had an awesome time of fun! Christmas tree in every house, singing carols, a time to enjoy and be joyful!

"Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la,
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la"

We would all wake up early in the morning, Christmas Day and go to church and come back home for a time of feasting. Without a doubt, there will be a lot of chicken recipes! Breakfast of idli and chicken kuzhambu, chicken biryani for lunch and of course my athai (my aunt) made the most fabulous, fabulous Christmas cake!

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way,
Oh what fun, it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh"

The only thing that annoys me about Christmas is that, people now a days associate Christmas with only fun and frolic and forget the real meaning and purpose of Christmas. Christmas is celebrated since Christ was born in this earth, salvation came through Jesus, without whom we will all die in our sins. He is the savior who went on to die on the cross to pay for all our sin and sickness. True joy of Christmas is knowing that we are saved through knowing and receiving Him.

"Into my heart, into my heart,
Come into my heart, Lord Jesus"

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17 Nov 2014

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza is a delicious alternative to regular pizza. Well, actually it's nothing like the regular pizza but when in a fix this makes a wonderful snack, easy and quick to make! Try making this as an evening snack for your kids, they'll love it! 

Bread Pizza

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15 Nov 2014

No Knead Savoury Buns | Khara Buns | Masala Buns

These no knead buns are perfect to have for evening snacks, so easy and simple to make that even yeast beginners can master it, without fear! They are so soft and so flavorful! The best part about these buns are that, they don't require any kneading! Just mix the ingredients like you do for a cake and let it rise! Easy peasy! But please go through the notes section before proceeding with the buns.

No Knead Savoury Buns

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14 Nov 2014

Oreo Cupcakes | Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

A kid's favorite recipe on Children's Day! Every child is Oreo crazy, so are my nieces. So every time I visit them or they visit us, I make sure I make some sort of an oreo dessert for them. This time I made these delicious oreo cupcakes. 

I had first seen these cupcakes in my friend Nicole's fb page, Salmela Family Cakes. She makes some beautiful cakes and cupcakes and this recipe caught my attention since it's easy and simple to make and obviously a kid favorite recipe!

So here's wishing all the kids a very Happy Children's Day with this delightful Oreo Cupcakes!! { For those who don't know, Children's Day is celebrated on November 14th in India, on the birthday of our 1st Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who loved children}

Oreo Cupcakes

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13 Nov 2014

Choco Banana Nut Ice Cream - A guest post

Today I am writing a guest post for one of my friend, Remya from Remmy's kitchen. Remya has been one of my friends from the time I started blogging and has helped me a lot with the technical aspects of blogging. She has a lovely blog with lots of delicious dishes. 

Choco Banana Ice cream

When she asked me to do a guest post for her, I was wondering what to write for her. She told me her favorite is chocolate ice cream, so I chose a chocolate ice cream recipe for her. 

I have already posted some ice cream recipes in my blog. Check out the other 18 ice cream recipes in this site.

Check out her page too.

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12 Nov 2014

Masala Paneer Rice

This paneer rice is a very easy lunch box recipe, I thought of making this dish after I made this masala egg rice. I had tweaked the egg bhurji recipe to make the masala egg rice so I wondered how it will taste if I tweaked the paneer bhurji recipe and thus came this paneer rice!
It turned out to be very tasty and most of all very easy to prepare! The only thing is make sure the paneer is soft otherwise it will not taste good. You can use left over rice too.

Paneer Rice

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10 Nov 2014

Sweet Cucumber Lassi

Cucumber lassi is a wonderful refreshing drink and a brilliant cooler, that I make for my husband. I simply love this yogurt based drink, it's easy and simple to make and tastes awesome! There are two ways to make this drink, one is with sugar and the other is with salt and spices. This is the sweet version and I will post the salted version later. 
I love to make variations to the simple lassi, makes it more yum! I have already posted a strawberry lassi and a mango lassi, check that out as well.

Sweet Cucumber Lassi

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8 Nov 2014

Apple Cinnamon Milkshake

There is an apple overload in our house. I'm trying to finish it off, have been making different recipes with apples in it. This is a healthy drink and very easy to make. It also tastes awesome and a favorite among kids. A great way to sneak some fruit into your child!

Apple Cinnamon Milkshake

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6 Nov 2014

How to make Caramel for Fruit Cakes

Making the caramel for fruit cakes can be pretty daunting if your a newbie to baking. It is hyped up a lot and people generally look for fruit cakes that does not require the making of caramel sauce. But in reality it is not such a big thing. It is quite simple, it requires a lot of patience and towards the end some quick action to make a really good caramel sauce.
If I can do it, then you most definitely can!!

The first description is making a caramel without adding water to it, it's also called the dry caramel. The second description is the wet caramel, where water is added to the sugar. Which ever method your recipe calls for, follow that using this as a guideline.

Caramel for Fruit Cakes

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Egg Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of my most favorite dishes, I mostly make with eggs and sometime make vegetable and chicken fried rice too. This can be made with left over rice or you can cook fresh basmati rice and then make this rice. Either way, it tastes great. It can be made in s few minutes and kids love it too! It makes a great lunch box recipe too! Pair it with any curry or gravy and you can a healthy wholesome, filling meal!

Egg Fried Rice

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5 Nov 2014

Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream - A guest post

I was invited to do a guest post for Haffa's Kitchen and I gladly agreed! Haffa has some wonderful recipes in her blog and my favorites are her pizza recipes. 

As I was wondering what to make for her blog, I decided to do one of my most favorite recipes ever! The Ice Cream! This time I chose to make a vanilla ice cream with loads of chocolate chips added to it. 

Do visit Haffa's page!

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3 Nov 2014

Kadai Paneer | Paneer Recipes

Paneer is Indian Cottage Cheese and one of my favorite! I think everybody loves paneer, except of course my husband! He doesn't like paneer so I don't get to make it very often. But if I do make it, he will eat without fussing! So today  made paneer mainly for me and my daughter and my husband who is not a fan, actually enjoyed it. This tastes very good!

Kadai Paneer

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2 Nov 2014

Basic White Bread

Baking a bread at home, is a dream for many especially when you know what all goes into baking a commercial bread. This post is to help you bake the most beautiful, soft and delicious white bread. 

Basic White Bread

I have tried to list all points and also make it easier to understand with pictures, hope this helps you achieve your dream! If you know to knead and make roti/chapathi, then you should be able to bake a beautiful bread, with a few tips mentioned below. Also, if I can make it then so can you :)

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1 Nov 2014

Chicken Kurma

Chicken kurma is one of the most delicious curry's around and it goes well with idli, dosa, roti or even rice. It's a wonderful aromatic and flavorful curry that I love to make often. There are different ways to make this curry and this is how we make it and it's super yum! We had it with roti for dinner and it was a satisfying meal!

Chicken Kurma

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