30 Mar 2015

Semiya Upma | Vermicelli Upma | Easy Breakfast Recipes

Semiya upma or semiya kichadi is a south indian breakfast dish and is quite famous here as it can be made quickly and is delicious too. It can be made plain or mixed with some vegetables and spices and made into a flavourful dish. This is the simplest version of semiya upma, I will be adding the different versions later. We even make a semiya chicken biryani! 

Semiya Upma

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26 Mar 2015

Potato and Peas Masala

Aloo mutter is such a wonderful combination! Potato and peas needs no introduction, you can never go wrong here, it tastes awesome too and loved by all. It is the simplest dish that you can make! My family loves this and we make this quite often.

Potato and Peas Masala

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15 Mar 2015

Canned Tuna Stirfry

You remember my husband Arun, he wrote a guest post for me ages ago! He decided to cook again one day and he agreed to make it into a guest post for me! Last time he wrote potato fry and this time it's Tuna! I should say I was quite apprehensive to try tinned foods - in my defense I have never had tinned food and had no clue about it so I was not game to experiment but he has made me a believer!!

Tuna Stirfry

Over to him!
 photo New signn_zps3ubziitr.png

This recipe's genesis is again from my cooking experiments in my London bachelor days. All guys staying in one flat - each day one guy has to cook.. among the lot who stayed, I was the second best cook, my flatmates said. This dish is my specialty :)

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14 Mar 2015

Chocolate Truffle Cake - A guest post for Sujitha

Today I am writing a guest post for Sujitha from Sujitha Easy Cooking. Suji has a lovely blog with loads of recipes, her recipe collection is awesome! I have spent a lot of time going through all her lovely recipes. She is a very sweet and helpful person, ready to reach out and advice on a lot of blogging issues that I'm so unfamiliar with! She's another person that I'm so glad I came across in this blogging world!

I chose to do this chocolate truffle cake for her blog, this recipe makes an awesome truffle cake. Hope you will love this cake. Do check her page!

Until next time,
 photo New signn_zps3ubziitr.png
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8 Mar 2015

7 Mar 2015

Aloo Palak Gravy

Aloo Palak is potatoes cooked in spinach gravy. I love palak and I can add anything to palak and I will end up falling in love with it! Once such dish is this aloo palak. This goes well with roti or paratha or even with dosa. This makes an amazingly healthy dish for kids too!

Aloo Palak

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5 Mar 2015

Chocolate Cake - A guest post for Tanya

Today I am writing a guest post for one of my blogger friend's Tanya of easy and simple foods. Tanya is one of the sweetest people I have come across in the blogging world and very helpful and sincere. Her blog is filled with some awesome, delicious home cooked food and it's always a pleasure going through her blog. It is really a blog true to it's name, all recipes so easy and simple to cook for our daily life.

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2 Mar 2015

Chocolate Oats | Dark Chocolate Oatmeal

It's common knowledge that I love chocolates, I also love oats! This is one delicious way to have oats in the morning. Normally I have my oats as a porridge, once in a while I indulge with loads of chocolate. My kids never eat oats but when they saw the chocolate brown color in this bowl, they were tempted to try some. So there is hope to include oats in their diet :)

Chocolate Oats

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Idli Podi Recipe

Idli podi is a must in today's busy life, every home has a bottle of idli podi for those days of emergencies. And each family has their own way of making their podi as well. My husband's favorite side dish for idli or dosa is the idli podi and every time I make idli podi, I go hunting all over the internet searching for a different combination and have settled on this recipe which is a mix of many but tastes awesome and healthy too! This podi has my husband's approval as well! He likes it extremely spicy!! So I normally add more than the 15 red chillies that I have mentioned here. 

Idli Podi

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Best Vanilla Cupcakes

I have been looking for a good vanilla cupcake recipe and I have finally found it! Soft, moist and super delicious! These cuppies are perfect. I made these for a family get together with some friends and these were perfect. I made these cupcakes and eggless chocolate mousse.
I was supposed to bake 30 cupcakes but I had to bake more since every time I took a batch out of the oven, everybody in my house would just eat a few, it is soo good!

Vanilla Cupcakes

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1 Mar 2015

Mint Rice | Pudina Rice

I have already posted a mint rice recipe, this method is mostly used when there is left over rice. Of course this can be made with freshly made rice too. I make this for lunch boxes and it's very easy and simple to make. I normally make the mint paste in the night and cook the rice and prepare the masala in the morning. Tastes awesome and very healthy too!

Mint Rice

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Athalakkai Kara Kuzhambu

Athalakkai is a vegetable that my father likes, it's quite bitter to taste even after cooking it. So it's not my most favorite dish but still it's very good for health especially for diabetics. I have already posted an athalakkai poriyal recipe, do check that out too.

This vegetable is not very popular and not many people know about it. I have tried to find out the english name for this vegetable but I have not been successful. The botanical name is Momordica Cymbalaria, Kaasara Kaaya  in Telugu, Karsikayi  in Kannada and Kattupaval in Malayalam but I don't know what is the english name. If you do find out, let me know! For a picture of this vegetable, check out the athalakkai poriyal recipe.

Athalakkai Kuzhambu

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Vazhaithandu Pachadi | Banana Stem Raita

Vazhaithandu / Banana Stem has a lot of nutritive value. Mostly people make juice or poriyal out of it but here is a different kind of a recipe with banana stem, this was introduced to us by my aunt and my mom made this. I was a bit hesistant to try it but when I did eat, it was so tasty that I wanted the in my blog for sure! Do try it out, this is something different and very tasty!

Banana Stem Raita

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