26 Jul 2019

How to make a Frozen Themed Cake

I made this Frozen themed cake for my daughter's birthday this year, she had asked for two cakes - a Lion cake and a Frozen cake. I have already posted the Lion cake, I made it earlier for my son's 3rd birthday too.

This Frozen cake is very especial to her as she loves the frozen theme but I don't know to use fondant and so I made a very simple and easy Frozen themed cake. But she loved it and I'm glad she enjoyed it!

Frozen Cake

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Homemade bath powder for kids

This is a bath powder that I make at home for my daughter, sometime I use this for my son as well. It's made with simple ingredients and you can use this for babies above the age of one. For adults I make a different bath powder with lot more ingredients, I will post that later.

Bath powder

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How to make Play Doh at home

My kids are always playing with play doh at home and I find that the store bought play doh becomes hard after a few days so I decided to make my own play doh at home and my kids were super excited about it! 
This play doh that I made at home was super soft for many days and my kids absolutely enjoyed playing with it. It's a no cook recipe and it's very easy to make. My kids helped me to make it and they thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing!

Play Doh

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