29 Feb 2016

Instant Oats Dosa

Oats is a favorite for us at home, if I'm not in the mood to cook then oats it is! We usually have oats porridge or masala oats but now I have started trying many other dishes with oats. So one Saturday morning I decided to make this oats dosa and chutney. 
This is a healthy dosa and this recipe was shared my my friend Meenakshi in our college whatsapp group. That was so long ago and I immediately saved it and then forgot about it. When I stumbled upon it again, I knew I had to make it soon!
If you're a health conscious person then this dosa will work very well for you.

Oats Dosa

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25 Feb 2016

3 Ingredient Nutella Brownie

I recently went for a potluck with friends and desserts was my lot. I was only too thrilled! I ended up taking so many things! I made this 3 ingredient brownie, DDL ice cream, Chocolate brownie muffins, Eggfree chocolate brownie muffins, coffee panna cotta, tutti frutti ice cream and chocolate mousse with ganache! I will be posting the other recipes soon!

Nutella Brownies

I started my preparations 2 days ahead and I was exhausted by the end of the previous evening of the event and only then I remembered I had to bake one more set of brownies. I was too tired to bake anything and as I was searching the net, I came across this recipe and it seemed too easy and looked too delicious! So I called my husband and asked him to get me some nutella and I made these brownies. 

Nutella Brownies

These were so ridiculously delicious, I coudn't believe such a simple recipe gave me such rich fudgy brownies! I served these brownies with DDL ice cream and it was such a great combination! All the kids went absolutely crazy for these! 

Nutella Brownies

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24 Feb 2016

Ragi Milkshake | Healthy Milkshakes

Ragi is an excellent source of calcium, even better than milk! It's wonderful to include Ragi in our diet but except for this ragi sevai, I have not tried anything else with ragi. But that's going to change. I have been exploring many recipes to include ragi and this is one of them.
This Ragi Milkshake makes a healthy and filling drink for the evening or even for breakfast.

Ragi Milkshake

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19 Feb 2016

DDL Brownies | Dulce de Leche Brownies

Remember my DDL post? Well, this is what I made with one tin of DDL and with the other tin I made DDL ice cream. Both were utterly delicious! I really have no words to describe how much I loved these brownies. I made these brownies for my niece and both my nieces and my anni loved it.
I wanted my DDL to be sauce like to spread it on top of the brownie but then my DDL was thick and I just added dollops of it and in the end that turned out to be a great idea! Biting into pockets of DDL was absolutely delicious!

DDL Brownies

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17 Feb 2016

Sundakkai Vathal Recipe | Easy Vathal Recipes

My mum and dad makes a lot of vathal/vadam during the summer months and we enjoy it for many months to come. Earlier my grand mother used to do this and she'll send it to all her children. But she's no more and now my parent's have started making these vathal every year or when ever there is good sunlight.

Sundakkai Vathal

I have already posted cheeni avarakkai vathal and vengaya vadagam recipes. There is plenty more to come!
Sundakkai is called as Turkey Berry in English. We use both the fresh and dried turkey berry extensively in our daily cooking. We use fresh turkey berry to make kuzhambu too. Check out the sundakkai kara kuzhambu recipe.

Sundakkai Vathal

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16 Feb 2016

How to line a Brownie Pan easily

Have you ever had trouble lining a brownie pan and then removing the baked brownies? Brownies tend to get stuck to the pan easily due to the high sugar in the batter and thereby have sticky edges causing them to get stuck. 
Whenever I use a butter paper and there are creases, the brownie batter goes into those creases and gets stuck! Once the brownie is baked, I have to sit and peel the butter paper out of those creases! That is something I don't like doing and this method does not pose any such problems.

How to line a Brownie Tin

I bake a lot of brownies and the intensely fudgy ones are my most favorite so this trick has always worked well for me. Also cleaning these pans are so easy since it hardly ever gets dirty!
Do try it out and let me know if it works for you.

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15 Feb 2016

Cabbage Chutney | No Onion Chutney

My mother in law is an expert when it comes to cooking but then I can never blog any of her recipes since it's all a random addition of ingredients. She is so experienced that she just keeps adding the ingredients randomly and they turn out so well!
One day I saw her making this cabbage chutney and I could not get any proportion out of her but then I tried following her steps and then finally came out with this delicious and easy chutney recipe! 
My husband and me simply loved it! We had it with instant oats dosai and it was a healthy and delicious breakfast!

Cabbage Chutney

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14 Feb 2016

Homemade Cream Cheese Recipe

Necessity is the mother of invention!! Although I live in a large metropolitan city, I live in the suburbs and I have never seen a tub of cream cheese in my neighborhood. So, whenever I needed to use cream cheese in a cheesecake recipe, I have always used cottage cheese (paneer) and it always workes very well for me. So I never went about hunting for cream cheese.

But this time, I wanted to bake some cheesecake brownies and I wasn't sure if paneer will work so I made the effort to make the cream cheese at home and I tell you, it is so easy and simple to use that this is what I'm going to make the next time I need cream cheese!

Homemade CreamCheese

Actually the method to make cream cheese at home needs some culture but this is an alternative and it works well. You can use this cream cheese for your cheesecakes. There are plenty of cream cheese recipes online, I referred many many recipes and this is what worked for me.
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13 Feb 2016

Cream Cheese Brownies | Cheesecake Brownies

I wanted to bake some red velvet cheesecake brownies for Valentine's Day but then decided against it and went for plain cream cheese brownies. Both recipes are pretty similar except for the red color added in red velvet brownies. 
These brownies turned out to be super delicious, so fudgy just the way I like them! The cream cheese layer paired very well with the brownie layer.
I made cream cheese at home for this recipe and it was so good and worked so well for this recipe. 

We are not big on celebrating Valentine's Day. My husband chants the same thing each year 'Everyday is Valentine's Day' and there is no need to have a special day to celebrate love! And I don't mind since I believe the same too. But I wanted to make something for my blog and for my readers so chose these lovely brownies!

Cream Cheese Brownies

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9 Feb 2016

How to make DDL in Pressure Cooker | Homemade DDL

I have seen this method of making DDL all over the internet and to be honest, I was too much of a chicken to try it out! I mean, who would want to pressure cook sealed and full cans!! That sounded too scary for me. As I watched fascinated, so many people sharing their success stories about pressure cooked DDL, I gathered up my courage to try it too. And now that I'm on the other side, I can tell you that I will be making it again! 
So what finally pushed me to make this? Well, I was quite desperate to make some DDL desserts and I live in a part of the world where we don't get this off the shelf so I envy all of you who can buy this easily! 

Homemade DDL

The taste is so unbelievably good! I was going to make some DDL brownies for my lovely niece who is appearing for her 12 th board exams and if it was not my love for her, I would have finished this tin myself! If you like licking sweetened condensed milk then believe you me, this will tempt you to no end!

So what is DDL? It stands for Dulce de Leche which literally means candy milk or sweet made of milk and it is made by slowly heating sweetened milk (source:wikipedia)

Homemade DDL

I'm not going to tell you to rush off to make this immediately since you need to exercise some caution. I would suggest you make sure your pressure cooker and gasket is in a good condition before you start making DDL this way. There are also some other ways to make DDL, but you will need tons of milk and cook it for 4 hours on stove top or there is another option to bake the condensed milk for about 1.5 hours or you can even keep these condensed milk tins in an open pot and cook for 2-3 hours.

The other thing you need to be cautious about is, you should not open the pressure cooker till all the pressure has released on it's own and DO NOT open the condensed milk can when it's hot. What I did was, I made this after my kids went to bed, once it was done, I switched off the cooker and went to bed without opening the cooker. The next day morning I opened the cooker and the can and all is well! Also make sure the water level in the pressure cooker is a little above the cans.

Homemade DDL

I think you will have to make this a few times to get it right since each cooker is different. I used a 7L cooker and it took me about 15 minutes for the first whistle and then I zipped in (I was hiding in another room!) and simmered the stove and rushed out!! I kept it simmered only for 15 minutes since I wanted a runny DDL but then I got a really thick one. I read online that if you need a thick DDL you need to keep it simmered for 30-40 minutes but mine was super thick in 15 minutes. I don't know how since this is the first time I tried. Will update this post when I make it again. For now, I think you need to make it once to judge for yourself.

So if you're brave enough to try this method, let's see how it's done.

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8 Feb 2016

How to make Coconut Milk | Homemade Coconut Milk

Making coconut milk at home is no rocket science, just a tad bit time consuming. There are so many brands of ready made coconut milk and coconut milk powders available but still nothing can beat homemade. You can make this the day before in case you are pressed for time and keep it refrigerated.
We normally use only the first extract (or thick coconut milk) and the second extract (or thin coconut milk). Very rarely we use the third extract. 
We use a lot of coconut milk for biryani or pulao, so here's how to make coconut milk at home.

Homemade Coconut Milk

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4 Feb 2016

How to make Cake Flour | Homemade Cake Flour Recipe

You must have seen recipes that call for cake flour and as far as I know, cake flour is not available where I live. So the next best option is making it at home! 

Cake flour has lower protein content (about 8-10%) as compared to the 12% that is found in all purpose flour. This lower protein content helps to add structure to the cake making it light and soft. If you want a softer cake then you can opt for this cake flour.

It's so simple and easy and quick to make cake flour. So the next time your recipe needs a cake flour then you can instantly follow this method.

Homemade Cake Flour

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Black Lentils Curry

Today I am happy to share a guest post by Haffa from Haffa's Kitchen Adventures. When I first started blogging I used to do some guest posts and invited others to do guest posts too. Eventually I stopped the guest post series in my space and I completely forgot that I had asked Haffa for a guest post long long ago! So when she suddenly pinged me that she is ready with a post, I was pleasantly surprised and accepted her offer. 

Haffa is a wonderful person that I had the pleasure of meeting through blogging and she has some wonderful recipes in her space which I have bookmarked.
So let's move on to see what she has for us!
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3 Feb 2016

White Cake Recipe

A white cake is just a normal vanilla cake but looks more 'whiter' than other cakes. The idea is to get a white color cake with a white frosting, mostly baked for weddings or for baptisms. The egg yolks are not used since it gives a yellowish tinge to cakes. 
To get the perfect white cake, I suggest using white butter or atleast pale yellow butter, clear vanilla extract and only egg whites. I used white butter, clear vanilla essence and egg whites and I did get a white cake but thanks to my poor photography skill, I could not get a perfect picture!! I think one of the close photos shows how white the cake is.

White Cake

I made this cake for my brother's wedding anniversary celebrations and I baked it again for my husband's birthday, both times this cake was well received! It's a soft moist and a beautiful looking cake!

White Cake

This post marks the 500th recipe in my website and that calls for a special celebration!! What better way to celebrate than this lovely white cake! I started blogging with my favorite fudgy brownies and now have reached 500 recipes! That is a big milestone for me!! A big thank you to everyone who encourages me and helps me along.

White Cake

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2 Feb 2016

Valentine's Day Recipes

If there's one thing that is in abundance in my site, it's chocolate desserts! There is no dearth of chocolate recipes here!

So I've come up with a simple compilation of Chocolate recipes for Valentines's Day to make it easy for you to decide!

Valentine's Recipes





Forgot to bake something?! Try these instant microwave cakes for a last minute dessert!

This is a collection of only chocolate desserts. If you are interested in more desserts check this page on Bakes and Desserts.

Until next time,
 photo New signn_zps3ubziitr.png
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Rava Kichadi

This rava kichadi is one of the favorite South Indian breakfast dishes, certainly my favorite! Made with semolina (sooji) and vegetables, this tastes absolutely delicious with a bowl of coconut chutney. 
I normally make this kichadi with millets, like this samai khichidi and I add some dal in that recipe and it tastes absolutely delightful! You can also make a plain kichadi with rice and dal and my lazy day lunch!
For this recipe, you can use any of your favorite vegetables although the most common veggies used are beans, carrot, peas and potatoes. 

Rava Kichadi

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