30 Apr 2014

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs

Okay, so I was not going to post this, ever! I took pictures for fun! This is a simple post that probably every one knows but I am not well today and still I am not able to neglect my blog! Obsessed I know! But blogging has become a passion and all my fellow bloggers will understand!

Hard Boiled Eggs

So I decided to post a really simple recipe and this is the only simple recipe I have right now! This is a basic recipe that will help beginner's in cooking.

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29 Apr 2014

Onion Coconut Chutney Recipe | Easy Chutney Recipes

This is another chutney for idli or dosa. This is again my sister in law's recipe and it tasted really yum. I have already posted another coconut chutney recipe but this is different from that. 

This is a simple no fuss chutney, gets done quickly.

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28 Apr 2014

Eggless Orange Cake Recipe (Dairy Free Cake)

I had some oranges left over from the Orange Cake with nutella glaze so I made some Orange juice for my husband and I still had some oranges left over so I decided to try an eggless orange cake recipe this time. The Orange cake I posted earlier was a smashing success, we all loved the intense orange flavor and we loved the eggless version too!

This cake was no different, the orange flavor was bursting with every bite and it was super soft and moist. So lovely to bite into!

Here's another orange cake in my blog, this is with eggs - Orange Cake with Orange Nutella Glaze.

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Paneer and Mushroom Masala Recipe

I love paneer (Cottage Cheese) and I love mushrooms and my nieces love them to so I had bought lots of paneer and mushrooms for them. This is one of the dishes we made when they were visiting. Actually this is my sister in laws recipe, she is an amazing cook and you cannot say no to her food! The aroma and flavor simply takes you to another land!

Paneer Mushroom Masala

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27 Apr 2014

Easy Onion Tomato Chutney Recipe | Easy Chutney Recipes

I love making different chutneys for idli and dosa, I don't like the same stuff everyday so this is a different chutney I made the other day for guests who came home and it tasted really good!
This is different from the Onion Tomato Chutney I posted earlier. This is very easy and very quick to make.

Onion Tomato Chutney

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26 Apr 2014

Egg Bhurji Recipe

We love egg bhurji in our home, it is so flavorful and so filling. I have already posted a simple scrambled egg recipe, this one has more masala, more spice and is more tasty. 

We make this as a side dish for roti or for bread sandwich. Egg bhurji is the non vegetarian version of paneer bhurji. Both tastes awesome and is very famous all over India. 

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Ice Cream Cake Recipe

My lovely nieces and my dear sister in law visited us for a few days and I went berserk baking all kinds of chocolate stuff for them, until my oven gave up!! This ice cream cake is one of the things I made for them and we all thoroughly enjoyed it in this scorching heat. It's very easy and simple to put together. I have given different ways to assemble this cake in the notes section.

Ice Cream Cake

I used homemade ice cream. I had made some rose milk flavored ice cream, which tasted too good! You can use any ice cream of your choice. Also, the sides of my cake pan was not tall enough so I built the sides up with parchment paper. 
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25 Apr 2014

Spicy Tomato Garlic Chutney Recipe | Easy Chutney Recipes

This is another easy chutney recipe without onions. It tastes awesome and goes well with idli and dosai. I made this and another easy onion tomato chutney for nieces and sister in law who visited us recently and they enjoyed it immensely!

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The Sunshine Award

In the midst of fun and frolic courtesy our vacation, I had some more pleasant news coming my way! Heena Rathore from The Baking Bud, nominated me for the Sunshine Award!

This is the first time I have received The Sunshine Award! This award recognizes bloggers whose writings “light up the dark corners of our minds”.  

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24 Apr 2014

Indian Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled eggs is one of the most simple dishes that can be made. This is a quick fix dish that is done in our home. It can be had as it is or with breads or even with roti. If there are no vegetables at home, then this comes always comes to my rescue!

I also make a masala scrambles eggg / egg bhurji which also tastes awesome.
We like our scrambled eggs with lots of onions and pepper, you can reduce the onions as per your preference.

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22 Apr 2014

Brinjal Curry Recipe / Kathrikai Thokku Recipe

I am on vacation in my in laws house and have no time to blog! But my mother in law being an excellent cook, I'm enjoying some lovely home cooked food! So when I found sometime, I decided to write a recipe. Hope you enjoy this flavorful brinjal curry!

Brinjal is one of the famous vegetables in our house. So many dishes can be made with brinjal and this is one of the easiest to make! It tastes great with rice, since this is a gravy it can be had with rotis too. This is made as a curry with tamarind juice and it tastes awesome.

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10 Apr 2014

Orange Juice Recipe

My husband loves juices so I tend to make lots of it. When he comes home it is such a thirst quencher especially in this weather. Fresh Orange juice is one of his favorites. This is only orange juice, you can add other ingredients (check notes) but we like to have it plain and fresh.

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Watermelon Orange Juice Recipe

There are so many recipes sitting in my draft but I have no time to write detailed recipes and edit pictures so I am going for small ones, which does not require too much of editing photos and writing!

But this is an amazingly refreshing drink for this scorching weather. I can't believe it's only April and it's already so hot and humid! This drink quenched the thirst one hot afternoon. 

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8 Apr 2014

Mango and Vanilla Verrines

The king of fruits is here! Mango season has begun and I'm telling you, you're going to see a lot of mango recipes here! I love strawberries and mangoes. I went crazy during the strawberry season and posted a lot of strawberry recipes, now it's the turn of mangoes!

When I was wondering what dessert to make using mangoes, the layered dessert in this blog attracted me and I decided to make it immediately. 
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Sakkarai Pongal Recipe / Sweet Pongal Recipe

I'm back from my vacation but my thoughts are still lingering around my Perima's house. Not just me but my daughter also keeps reliving the things that she saw and enjoyed there. They had peacocks walking around in their garden and my daughter who is only used to seeing crows in our neighborhood, seems to have enjoyed seeing those peacocks and pea hens! Fortunately I took lots and lots of photos and videos, so my kids are enjoying seeing the zoo animals and the metro ride and the toy train rides etc!

The food we had each day was fit for a king! I'm sure I have put on 2 kgs but who cares!! Vacations and family are meant for careless enjoyment! This recipe was made by my dear cousins wife, she is an amazing person! She is such a lively, charming person - there is never a dull moment around her! She is the perfect fit for their family. 

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7 Apr 2014

Aloo Paratha Recipe

The past few days I've been vacationing, some much needed time off from my mundane stressed life. We went to my Perima's house and oh what a lovely time we had! I remember those days when we used to chug along by train for 2 days and reach their lovely home but now life is so much simplified that we reached in 2.5 hours by flight, all the better since we got more time to spend with them!

Aloo Paratha

My Perima and Perippa and my dear cousins are some of my most favorite people and they are such a delight to spend time with. I thoroughly enjoy my visits and I'm glad that this time, my kids also enjoyed tremendously. The love they shower on us is incomparable!

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6 Apr 2014

Orange Cake with Orange Nutella Glaze

My Santa Claus is back from the US and he has come bearing gifts!! Lots of gifts and all related to baking! I can hardly contain my excitement! I love baking more than cooking and you can imagine what a long list of things I wanted from US and I'm thrilled to be in possession of some of the things I dreamed of having!

We wanted to celebrate my husband's birthday and I wanted to bake a simple cake. As I was wondering which cake to bake, my eyes fell on the new zester that he bought for me and from there on, it was an easy decision to bake an orange cake.
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5 Apr 2014

Taste of Tropics - Event Round Up

My first event has come to an end and I had so much fun hosting it! I had the privilege of hosting Chef Mireille's event Taste of Tropics and I thank her for giving me the opportunity to host this event at my space.

Thank you to all who participated in the event.
There has been a delay in posting the round up since I've been on vacation. My apologies!

As announced the winner was selected based on the most number of entries and the winner is Monu Teena from Recipes passion with 13 entries. 

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4 Apr 2014

Marble Cake Recipe / Vanilla and Chocolate Marble Cake

Marble cake is one of my most favorite 'simple' cakes. I love a good marble cake and I have tried many recipes and this is my most favorite and I've made this recipe many times! The mild combination of vanilla and chocolate tastes really good. Some in my family don't like a full chocolate cake (weird, I know!) so for them I make this cake. The light mix of chocolate takes the vanilla cake to a whole new level.

Marble Cake

You can make a marble cake with any of your favorite sponge cake recipe. If you have a favorite banana cake, you can make a banana marble cake using this method or maybe an orange marble cake.

Marble Cake

I got this recipe from here and this is a wonderful cake. So soft and moist and fluffy. This is such a lovely chocolate and vanilla swirled marble cake, you don't want to miss this!
You can have this cake as it is or slather a rich ooey gooey layer of ganache over it and enjoy!

Marble Cake

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