27 Mar 2024

Sathumavu Brownies

Brownies are my favorite! I always have a weakness for brownies so whenever I have a chocolate craving, this recipe is an easy, guilt free version of a brownie recipe that I absolutely enjoy. These brownies are made with heathmix powder (sathumavu powder) but I guarantee you, if you don't tell anyone it's made with alternate flour, no one will be able to find out. I do that all the time to my children!!

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26 Mar 2024

Karuppu Ulundu Vadai | Black Urad Dal Vadai

Black urad dal is protein rich and extremely good for growing adolescent girls and pregnant women. It helps strengthen the bone and joints. In our family, we give young girls a lot of dishes made with black urad dal to strengthen their back bone during the adolescence stage. 
So if you have young girls, above the age of nine, you can make this vada every week and include in their diet. This tastes a little different from the plain white urad dal vada but this is a lot more healthy.

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18 Jan 2024

Sathumavu Banana Muffins

Sathumavu means health mix powder which is made with different kinds of grains, millets and nuts which makes it really healthy small children. But obviously kids don't like eating a porridge out of this health mix powder so I come up with different ways to include this in their daily diet.

These muffins are so tasty and soft and moist and wonderful to eat. My children never figure out that these are made with sathumaavu powder!! You can make this for kids after school snack and they will love it! I assure you, adults will also love it!

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16 Jan 2024