18 Feb 2020

Banana Bread

I have baked plenty of banana breads but this is my latest and most favorite on! Full of flavor and taste, this cake is simply delicious! A simple trick and this cake is truly delightful! This banana bread uses a bit of sliced bananas and that makes this cake so tasty, packed with banana flavor!

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Mini Chocolate Muffins

This has become one of most favorite chocolate muffin recipe. Not only mine but everybody I share it with seems to fall in love with it! Simple yet delicious muffins! Since it's so tiny and cute, it's such a hit with the little ones!

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24 Oct 2019

Chocolate walnut cake

This is a simple and easy cake that you can bake for an evening tea time. It's a plain cake loaded with walnuts and chocolate chips. We love such simple cakes and I'm sure you'll love it too!

Chocolate Walnut Cake

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22 Oct 2019

How to clean a Comb easily

How do you clean your comb if you don't have a comb cleaner at home? Well, this is how I do it, it's easy and simple and very effective!

How to clean a comb easily

I pour some hot water over the dirty comb and then add some detergent soap powder, some anti dandruff shampoo and some lime to the hot water. Now if you don't have any dandruff issues then you need not add the anti dandruff shampoo or the lemon juice. Since we have dandruff problem at home, I always add some lemon juice and anti dandruff shampoo everytime I clean the comb to get rid of the dandruff. By adding hot water you can clean the comb perfectly in just 10 minutes!

How to clean a comb easily

Also you don't have to pour hot water, this works with normal tap water too. I usually don't use hot water to clean my comb. What I do is, I put the comb in normal water and add the other ingredients and let it soak overnight and the next morning I simply wash the comb and the dirt is all gone.
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17 Oct 2019

Matar Paneer

I have already posted a matar paneer recipe but this recipe is different from the previous one. This matar paneer tastes just like the ones you get in the restaurants. The color and taste of this dish is so good! This is such a simple recipe but still your dish will taste hotel style. I have not used any color in this recipe and I have not even used kashmiri red chilli powder, I have only used a simple red chilli powder made at home but still this matar paneer looks and tastes just like the ones you get in the store! 

matar paneer

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How to cook Paneer soft

'Many times when we cook paneer, it turns out a little hard and rubbery but whenever I cook paneer, it always remains so soft and delicious so in this recipe we will see two simple tips to make sure your paneer remains soft even after cooking.

how to cook soft paneer

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7 Oct 2019

4 Oct 2019

3 Sep 2019

Siru Keerai Thandu Soup

Siru Keerai is also known as Amaranthus tropical in English. It is a very healthy greens variety that is very popular in South India. Usually when we buy siru keerai, we use the leaves alone and discard the stems but we can make a tasty soup out of these stems.

This soup is very good for those with kidney problems and for those with diabetics. It also helps in digestion. If your kids won't eat greens, then you can make such soups and give them and they will get all the benefits of the keerai through this soup.

This is a simple method to make this soup, you can also make this soup more tasty by adding onions, tomatoes and some garlic.

Siru Keerai thandu soup

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26 Jul 2019

How to make a Frozen Themed Cake

I made this Frozen themed cake for my daughter's birthday this year, she had asked for two cakes - a Lion cake and a Frozen cake. I have already posted the Lion cake, I made it earlier for my son's 3rd birthday too.

This Frozen cake is very especial to her as she loves the frozen theme but I don't know to use fondant and so I made a very simple and easy Frozen themed cake. But she loved it and I'm glad she enjoyed it!

Frozen Cake

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