31 Jul 2014

Vangi Bath / Brinjal Rice / Kathrikai Sadam Recipe

This is another easy to make, delicious recipe. It's a really good option for lunch boxes too. I'm normally not the roast and grind kind of a person, especially during early mornings but this rice tastes awesome so I don't mind doing it! You can also use the ready made vangi bath masala powder that is available in stores. 

My mom uses tamarind but I have used tomato for the tangy taste. You can skip the tomato and use about 1 or 2 tbsp of tamarind water too. You can make this with fresh cooked rice or with left over rice too.

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Event Announcement - In My Veg Box Series

I am happy to announce that I am guest hosting 'In My Veg Box - Aubergines' an event by citrusspiceuk.com. This event was started by Nayna Kanaba who is the author of citrusspice and simplyfood. Thank you Nayna for this opportunity! 
This is a wonderful event where each month a single vegetable is chosen and presented in different ways.
I chose aubergines (eggplants, brinjals) as the veg for this month. I love aubergines, it is one of the very few veggies that I ate growing up! This veggie is loaded with nutrition and the best part about brinjals is that it is so versatile! So many dishes can be made from this simple vegetable!
I invite you to link your favorite brinjal recipes this month of August!

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Event Announcement - Bake Fest #34

The next Bake Fest is happening here for the month of August! This event was started by Vardhini of Cooks Joy and it's quite a famous event and I am happy to host it! Thank you Vardhini for letting me host this event. 
I love to bake and I prefer baking than cooking! I'm sure if you've baked anything, you must be like me! So do bake away and link up your dishes here.

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24 Jul 2014

Chicken Pakoda / Pakora / Chicken Fritters

My husband has been asking me to make chicken pakodas about a 100 times! Now if he had asked for some brownies or muffins his wish would have been granted immediately!! But anyways one day I got down to making it for him!

This is an easy recipe to make and tastes so good! The trick is to make it crispy. It's one of the most favorite appetizer / starter and you will find it in almost all restaurants. 
Do make a large batch as this will vanish too soon!
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22 Jul 2014

Vegetable Masala Oats Upma

I'm a big fan of oats, so is my husband. We can eat oats with curd or buttermilk with some salt and pickle too! It tastes really delicious! Since we are so crazy about oats, I like to experiment and try out different dishes with it. This is one of the recipes I make and it tastes really good. 

Vegetable Masala Oats

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21 Jul 2014

Baked Fudge

This is one of the most delicious desserts I have ever had. Extremely easy to make, this has a crispy crust and a soft delicate inside. The inside of this fudge melts as soon as it hits your mouth while you bite on the delicious crispy crust! Mind you, this is an extremely rich dessert, something you would make when you feel like indulging!
I made this for my friend who was visiting after a very long time. I topped this fudge with some whipped cream and it was a dessert which was beyond excellent!

Baked Fudge

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18 Jul 2014

Mutton Cutlets

These cutlets make some excellent appetizers / starters. I love this as a snack too, perfect to munch on! These cutlets are flattened round servings of ground meat and flavorful spices that are coated with egg and bread crumbs and deep fried in oil, absolutely yum!
Some people don't grind the meat but we like it ground since it gives a homogenous mix and also I was going to tempt my daughter to eat this by calling this 'vada'! She likes eating medhu vada so I was hoping she will like this cutlet too!

Check out the mutton kheema masala and mutton kheema biryani recipes.

Mutton Cutlets / Lamb Patties

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17 Jul 2014

Chocolate Chip Muffins

I love the simplicity of this muffin, a simple vanilla muffin enriched with the chocolate bits is my go-to evening snack. This would also make a perfect snack box recipe too. Kids love vanilla muffins, add some chocolate chips to it and the muffins turn irresistible!

Chocolate chip muffin

You will not taste the cinnamon in this recipe but it helps to enhance the flavor of chocolate. There are many chocolate chip muffin recipes but this is my favorite one. It is extremely soft and moist and the tiny bit of chocolate chips adds so much to the muffins. 

The addition of sour cream makes the muffin so moist and soft. I did not get any sour cream hence added some yogurt and it worked just as well. The sweetness of this muffin is perfect for us but if you prefer you can add 1 tbsp more sugar.

Chocolate chip muffin

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12 Jul 2014

Eggless No Bake Mango Cheese Cake | Easy No Bake Recipes

I can't believe I am writing a post on mango cheesecake! Cheesecakes have been the last on my to-do list simply because I don't like them! I have had some store bought cheesecakes before and I didn't quite like the taste and I never wanted to make them. But seeing the craze for cheesecakes, I decided to do justice to my blog and make one just for the sake of the blog! 

Eggless Mango Cheesecake

And even then, I was making the cheesecake for my driver's son's birthday. Was planning on making a nice cheesecake, click some pictures and send the cake over to their house! But alas, when the cake was almost done, my driver tells me that everybody in his family is down with fever. I can't give a chilled cake for a family that is struggling with fever so I was forced to cut and eat this cake.

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10 Jul 2014

Bread Upma Recipe

Bread upma is an extremely easy breakfast or snack recipe. Bored of having idli's then try this flavorful and delicious bread recipe. You can use white bread or brown bread. I made this for an evening snack on a rainy day, this hot bread upma was perfect! Do try it out!

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8 Jul 2014

Instant Microwave Carrot Cake ( no eggs, no butter )

I love the flavor of carrot cake, next to chocolate cake, carrot cake is my most favorite cake! My favorite carrot cake recipe is a huge cake and when I came across this small cake, I was elated! It takes only 2 minutes to put together and I had all the ingredients readily available in my kitchen. 

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5 Jul 2014

Strawberry Juice Recipe

Strawberry juice tastes delicious! It is so refreshing and so 'fruity'! I love sipping strawberry juice. If you have never had it before, you must make some soon! This time the berries I got were so red, I have never seen such deep dark red strawberries before! I cut those berries and kept starring at the color for so long! I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture, you would have loved those pictures and it would have made my page more pretty! Anyways, here's the recipe...

Strawberry Juice

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4 Jul 2014

Urundai Kari Kuzhambu / Meat Balls Curry

This curry is one of the tastiest curries you will ever make! This is the Indian version of meatballs in a spicy gravy where the minced goat meat is mixed with spices and cooked in a spicy gravy. This is my mother's recipe and this tasted really good and we enjoyed it thoroughly! 

Urundai Kari Kuzhambu / Meat Balls Curry

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1 Jul 2014

Best Ever Banana Bread Recipe

I have made many banana breads but this recipe is my most favorite of them all! And this is the simplest banana bread recipe. This loaf tastes absolutely yummy! It's so soft and moist and the flavor, aroma and texture of the loaf is amazing! You can do so much more with this recipe, change and adapt it to your preference. I have given some ideas is the notes section. 
The key to bake an awesome banana cake/loaf is in selecting the banana. 

Best Banana Bread Ever

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