12 Sept 2014

Carrot Salad - A Guest Post by Aara

This is a special guest post for me since Aara was the first person who connected with me when I started blogging. I knew nothing about blogging and had no friends in the blogging world when suddenly I received a message from her. Aara encouraged me a lot and invited me to do a guest post for her blog. She is also very special to me since it was she who introduced me to the lovely ice cream recipes which is a huge hit in my house.

Aara blogs at Sweets n Spices, a wonderful blog with authentic dishes. If you have not visited her blog yet, then do visit for some lovely recipes!

Thank you Aara for writing for me!

Hello Everyone This is Aara From Sweets & Spices I Thank Beulah to invite me here for guest post. 
Today before the guest post, I want to share my moral story with all my fellow bloggers and readers, hope you don't get bored up with me :)

It was just that me and Beulah became friends and started talking, when we just become friends soon life change dramatically, A crazy internet addict like me had to go without internet for almost 6 months due to a house shift. All unexpected things came up since the existing network could not provide us the connection we had to cancel our booking and wait till all documents get ready and apply for new one. Really 6 months to get internet? isnt it long gap? It is India and things go here like that sometimes. I missed my blogging, I lost touch of everything some good old online friends really made up to call me and asked what happened to me? why I dont get online It became a repeated story to each one of them. And more exciting part was everyone thought I got married without informing them, lol!! 

Whenever I talk to my bro he would tell Im trying to force things just for my leisure, I force things on extra expenses, it made me all sad!! Of course I'am dependent to him and the shift was really head breaking. Mean while my bro and me connected via 3G but no use, though we felt something was better than nothing and spent a lot for each recharge finally I gave up!! I dint wanted to spend more to get the connectivity, which really dint work!!

Well chances for internet connectivity was too low and I had lost all hopes to get back here again, started leading a life without internet and that's when you know what real life is all about!! Donno what next might happen and what if again I go without internet??? I have to accept the fact that life isn't same always It will change every now and then we have to flow and adjust accordingly.

I always used to visit some new blogs which carried wonderful recipes but the bloggers went missing with updates, I used to wonder why? And when things took a complete head over heels for me I realized its not easy to maintain being a blogger for long years of time. And those who are able to do it HAT'S OF TO THEM!! And the next thing which came to my mind was life of a women is no easy, specially if they are married and have kids to look after, living in a family and take care of everything So many factors hurdle our way :)

Though after getting internet I was active in fb, but the above mentioned factor made me all careless towards blogging. There r so many pictures in my folder and I'm really not utilizing it, I lost the zeal inside me. Now when I blog I need real expressions inside me to bring it out as my words, Lets not make our blog as matter of views, likes and comments, Why not enjoy it as our own personal documenting of recipes and our lives at those particular moment???? It is like an E-dairy which we maintain which will never tear or get lost it will be the same throughout thanks to Blogger and websites :)

I apologize to Beulah for all the delaying from so many months and u know the reason now :) 

Starting off for the guest post!!

This is a very simple carrot salad recipe which I had saved in my to do folder. Yes as always I tweak recipes to my own availability. This salad is combo of veggies, tutti fruit and nuts!! I count this into weight watchers recipe. Also Include this into your party menu and your guests wont stop themselves from helping more servings. 

  • Carrot - 1 or 2 large (Grated)
  • Cucumber - 1 large (de-seeded and chopped)
  • Coriander leaves - 2tbsp chopped
  • Roasted Peanuts - handful or more
  • Tuti fruti - 2-3 tbsp (wash and drain to remove the extra sweetness)
  • Salt - to taste
  • Pepper - to taste
  • Chat masala powder - a little (optional)

- In a large bowl mix in all the ingredients well (excluding peanuts) - Keep it in refrigerator for 15 mins minimum. 

- Let the flavors infuse nicely.
- Before Serving Toss in the peanuts & Enjoy!!

- Use almonds and raisins instead
- Add in chopped pears or apple for extra crunch
- Adding chopped dates instead of tuti fruti 
- Drizzle some honey if you want a sweeter version
- Can add some firm chopped tomatoes for tang if you like 
- Add in some chopped and washed onions if you like

Note: With variations the taste might change but for gud!! you wont be disappointed

What more you need after having this health salad??

Ok I got something more for you!! 

- We can use this as healthy filling for sandwiches!! Sandwich being toasted or not is your choice, It will really Rock the taste!!

Add in your own creativity to it :)

Thank you beulah for providing me a chance to host your space :)

Im really glad for all the success in blogging in short period of time!!
Cheers to you for all your hard work and lovely clicks you provide
Happy Blogging!!

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  1. nice guest post dear.. wonderful job both of you..

  2. Had to come over for the recipe. Its so lovely.

  3. Nice story and wonderful salad .Sometimes all happens at once right aara ?

    1. haha sathya indeed thats how life is all about, sometimes everything happenes at once and we pray for some peace and when everything is peaceful we start wondering why is everything normal :P

  4. Love the addition of the nuts here, am a great fan of salad obviously carrot is my all time favourite, wonderful guest post by Aara.

  5. That's one beautiful looking and healthy salad Aara :)....nice post ...i can somewhat relate 2 u :D ...and Beulah (What a unique name! ) ...nice 2 meet u at ur sweet place ...what a lovely collection of cakes u've !!:)..let's stay connected !!

  6. Nice crunchy salad aara, also u have put in the thoughts of a blogger so well, it applies to me too.....

    1. Raazii dont know it just came to me in a flow and thought of adding it here for all my co-bloggers to read :) I know all of us have a different story to share :)

  7. wow beulah such a great post by aara, great work ladies.. i haven't seen this around on FB.. just going through your blog today :) any how pass me the salad gal/// it looks so delicious .:) mouth watering :)


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