17 Feb 2014

Grape Squash Recipe / How to make Grape Squash

Summer is almost upon us and we must prepare ourselves to fight the heat! This grape squash is an absolute must for summer season. Every time I dare to venture out into the scorching sun, the thought of coming home to this delightful, cool thirst quencher, keeps me going on to complete my chores.
This is very easy to make and keeps well for few months, refrigerated. 

Yields about 2 litres

  • Grape Extract - 1 litre
  • Sugar - 2 kg
  • Sodum Benzoate - 1 tsp
  • Citric acid - 2 tsp
  • Tonovin - 4 tsp (grape essence)
  • Water - 1 litre


For the grape extract
1. Choose ripe black, blemishless grapes. With or without seeds does not matter.
2. Remove the stems and wash well and drain the water completely.
3. Take the grapes in a large, broad vessel and add one cup of water(from the 1 litre of water) to it and boil it until the fruits get cooked. Cover and cook in low flame.
4. While its boiling, keep crushing the grapes with a masher until it is thoroughly juicy. Strain the extract and collect the juice. 
5. Measure the juice now and proceed with proportioning the other ingredients accordingly.

To make the squash
1. Take the sugar, citric acid and water in a pan and heat it until the sugar dissolves and it bubbles up.
2. Allow this sugar syrup to come to room temperature and then mix up the above made grape extract to it. 
3. Then add the Tonovin to it and mix well. 
4. Take 2 tsps of warm water and dissolve the Sodium Benzoate(preservative) in it. Add it to the squash and mix it up.
5. Now pour the squash into a sterilized bottle and store in refrigerator

To serve -  fill 1/3 of serving glass with the grape squash and remaining with water. Mix up well and serve chill topped with ice cubes.

1. To get a pulpy texture to your grape juice, use a large holed sieve to strain the grape extract. 
2. Make sure you store the squash in clean sterilized bottles.

Enjoy tasty grape juice!

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  1. healthy squash, very refreshing too.

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    1. You will get it in any bakery supply store.


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