10 Apr 2015

Pinata Cake | How to make a Pinata Cake

What is a pinata cake, you ask? Well, it's a normal looking cake but when cut into it, reveals a delightful surprise!

Pinata Cake

I had made a gravity defying cake with gems for my son's birthday and my daughter has been telling me that she also wants a gems cake for her birthday. Two days before her birthday, she tells me that she wanted a rainbow cake and a gems cake! I don't like adding too much color to my cakes so I decided to make pinata cake with gems and make a rainbow on top with gems too. All the kids at the party were super excited seeing the gems flowing out of the cake and my daughter was the happiest! 

Pinata Cake

This is a very simple and easy cake to make and takes very little time to finish it. You can fill the cake with anything you want. I used gems/m&m because my kids love it.

Pinata Cake

Preparation time 10 mins (excluding cake baking) | Setting time 1-2 hrs 

  • Cake - 1 (of your choice)
  • Gems/m&m - 6 small packets 
  • Frosting - of your choice

1. I used my favorite cake - the best ever chocolate cake. Bake the cake and let it cool completely. Cling wrap and leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
2. Slice the cake in two and fill the cake with your favorite frosting. I used whipped cream.

3. Place the top layer of cake over the whipped cream.
4. Now cut a hole in the center of the cake. I did not want a very big hole so the hole I made was smaller in size.
5. Remove the cut portion of the cake and set aside.

6. Fill the hole with the gems and place a small piece of the discarded cake over the gems and cover the gems.
7. Now frost the cake as usual and decorate it. I used gems to make rainbow on the cake.

When you cut the cake, the gems will flow out to surprise the kids!

Pinata Cake

1. The quantity of gems/m&m you will need, will depend on the size of the cake.
2. You can use a bundt cake which will already have a hole in the center and you need not waste some cake by cutting a portion of it.

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  1. this cake looks Amazing dear...very neatly done..Super loved it

  2. Truly a gem. Ohlalalal!!! So attractive. Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

  3. Wow!!! the cake looks fantastic!!! Your kids would have been super thrilled to cut this cake...

  4. Wow beautiful cake....with lovely colors...... Belated b'day wishes to your daughter.......... :)

  5. am sure kids might have enjoyed,belated birthday wishes to the cutie pie..cake looks simply superb :)

  6. Wow! Yummy and beautiful cake..belated b'day wishes to your daughter.

  7. Belated wishes to your kutty. beautiful cake done by a gem

  8. Another lovely cake from your side!

  9. Lovely with rainbow colours!!

  10. Oh my god...what a cake....it looks so gooood!!! Feel like grabbing a big bite:) Lucky kids!!

  11. This is on my list for next bday.

  12. Wow.. beautiful cake
    I want to try your cake , just want to know that... does gems goes well with dairy whipped cream??
    My only concern is that gems does not starts leaving their colors when place it on whipped cream

  13. Your right, gems will sometimes leave color, I did the gems part alone, just before cutting the cake so it was okay :)


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