8 Feb 2014

Neer Mor Recipe / Spiced Buttermilk Recipe

Summer is coming and we need to find ways to cope with it! I think this is by far the most common and loved drinks to beat the scorching summer heat. It is simple and easy to make and doesn't cost anything. It is extremely good in combating heat and making the body cool down. 
This buttermilk is made in different ways, many different ingredients are added. You can add what you have at hand. The main ingredients being curd, water and salt. The rest helps to add flavor to the drink.


  • Curd - 1 cup
  • Water - 2 cups
  • Green Chilli - 1 (chopped finely)
  • Ginger - a tiny piece, chopped
  • Coriander leaves - few, chopped
  • Curry leaves - few, chopped
  • Salt - to taste

1. Take curd in a bowl and add the 2 cups of water and whisk well with an electic whisk or egg beater or a traditional mattu. You can even use a blender but blend in short bursts or use the whipper.
2. Coarsely chop the green chilli, ginger, coriander and curry leaves and add to the whisked curd mixture.
3. Add required salt and mix well.
4. Serve chilled.

Enjoy the best summer coolant!

1. You can temper with mustard seeds and hing and add to the drink.
2. You can add cumin powder too.
3. There are so many variations, you can do according to your preference.
4. This drink is supposed to be watery but if you prefer a thick buttermilk, reduce the amount of water added.

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  1. perfect refreshing Indian drink :) Remind me that summer is gonna be here soon :)

  2. haven't tried that drink before; its look so good :)


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