24 Feb 2014

Word Press Family Award

I am happy to be chosen by Tanya of Easy and Simple Foods for this award. From what I read, this award is for word press users and I don't know how it came to blogspot users but I don't care about that technicality! This is such a beautiful award and I am happy to receive it and share it with my other blogger family.

A bit about this award - This was started by Shaun of  http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/  for being accepted and loved by the word press blogging world. I think it's an awesome idea! I know since I was feeling so lost in this huge world of blogging and now I have started making friends and it's great. I'm still new and there are more new people to meet! But for now I am grateful for the friends I have made and found. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank Aara from Sweets & Spices, she is the first person who reached out to me and befriended me and she is still a special person.

Here are the other people who are like a family to me
1. Aara from Sweets & Spices
2. Asha from Chikkus Kitchen
3. Tanya from Easy and simple foods
4. Remya from Remmy's Kitchen
5. Rafeeda from The Big Sweet Tooth
6. Teena from Recipes Passion
7. Manjula from DesiFiesta

Thank you guys for supporting and encouraging me with your presence and comments! Love you all and I appreciate you all!

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  1. Congratz dear an lovely award :) Thanks for sharing with us too !!

  2. hey dear congratulations on ur award and thank u so much for sharing this with us!! Thank u once again for considering me as special frnd!! U and ur presence is equally special to me as well!! We shall go long way hand in hand!! :)

  3. You are so sweet... Thanks beulah for your love and support.. :)

  4. Thank you so much for the mention dear... really appreciate!!! :)

  5. o wow another award Beulah thanks a lot for passing this to me my dear :* Congratulations and thank u so so much it matters a lot to me .. :* n i am back yuppie thank God i am back to my Bloggy world.. Good to see you again plus now let me go through your blog, n what you cooked when i was not here lolx. :) hope u kept my share dear sister :) LOve Monu Teena


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