30 Apr 2014

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs

Okay, so I was not going to post this, ever! I took pictures for fun! This is a simple post that probably every one knows but I am not well today and still I am not able to neglect my blog! Obsessed I know! But blogging has become a passion and all my fellow bloggers will understand!

Hard Boiled Eggs

So I decided to post a really simple recipe and this is the only simple recipe I have right now! This is a basic recipe that will help beginner's in cooking.

I used to have days earlier when I boil eggs and it would break or not come out well until I saw my sister in law boiling perfect eggs and since then it's always been perfect!

  • Eggs
  • Vinegar - 1 tsp
  • Salt  1 tsp
  • Water 
Hard Boiled Eggs

1. Place the eggs in a sauce pan. Pour cold water over it until the eggs are completely submerged. Add vinegar and salt.
2. Switch on the stove and boil the eggs. Let the water boil for atleast 12-15 minutes. Keep the flame in medium and turn the eggs around in between.

3. Then switch off the stove and leave the eggs in the pan for 5-10 minutes covered.
4. Discard the hot water and pour cold water over the eggs. Let it cool completely.
5. Crack the shell and enjoy perfectly cooked eggs.

Hard Boiled Eggs

1. The vinegar and salt prevents the eggs from cracking and also the 'skin' inside comes out perfectly with the shell.
2. To find out if an egg is fresh, place the egg in a bowl of water. If it sinks then it's fresh. If it floats at the top then it's not fresh.
3. To store eggs - do not wash before refrigeration. Place the eggs in the tray narrow side down and wash just before cooking. There is a layer on the eggs called 'bloom', when you was the eggs, you will wash away the bloom and it gives way for the bacteria to enter the egg shell. If there is too much of dirt on the egg shell then make sure you wash the eggs with warm water, when you wash with warm water you will kill the bacteria.

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  1. useful dear,thnx for sharing

  2. Really Useful post for beginners.

  3. I only add salt, never vinegar... any idea what it does to the eggs? :)

    1. I have mentioned in the notes section, vinegar prevents the eggs from cracking!

  4. Useful post dear!!!! Adding of vinegar is very new to me

  5. good post beulah.. adding vinegar is very new to me..

  6. I do boil eggs almost the same way, except for vinegar. Useful post and get well soon Beulah!

  7. Nice and useful tips .which vinegar to use.please can you tell me as there are many in the market.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you! You can use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.


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