31 Dec 2014

Fruit Cake Fudge Bar

This is an excellent fudge bar, full of the fruit cake, it tastes like cadbury fruit and nut bar - only better! These bars are made with left over fruit cakes. This time I set aside some of my fruit cake to make this fudge bar and some christmas truffles.
This tastes absolutely delicious! So fudgy and chocolaty! I absolutely loved it. 
You can make this bar with any of these Christmas Fruit Cakes.

Fruit Cake Fudge Bar

Preparation time 20 mins | Setting time 4 hrs | Makes - 16 slices
Recipe Source - Great British Chefs

  • Dark or milk chocolate  - 300g (I used dark chocolate)
  • Condensed milk - 375 gm 
  • Butter - 50g 
  • Icing sugar - 100g 
  • Left over Christmas cake, crumbled - 2 cups 
  • Chopped nuts - 1/3 cup
  • Salt - a pinch
  • Coffee powder - a pinch (optional)
Fruit Cake Fudge Bar

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1. Line an 8 inch square pan and grease well. Chop nuts and toast it in microwave for 30 seconds. Crumble the fruit cake and set aside.

2. Add the butter, chocolate and condensed milk in a pan and heat it in medium heat until the chocolate and butter melts.
3. Add the salt and coffee powder and mix well.

4. Add the sugar and mix well. (I forgot to add sugar)
5. Crumble the fruit cake and add it to the chocolate mixture.
6. Add the chopped nuts.

7. Mix well and pour into the prepared tin and refrigerate it.
8. Let cool for 4 hours or until set and cut into squares.

Fruit Cake Fudge Bar

1. If using milk chocolate, adjust the icing sugar as the milk chocolate is already sweet. 
2. I forgot to add the sugar but my fruit cake was sweet and with the condensed milk and dark chocolate, we did not miss the sugar! If you prefer a sweeter version, or if your fruit cake is not sweet enough, add the sugar.
3. If adding sugar, please make sure the sugar gets completely dissolved.

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  1. I can see how excellent the fudge is. Love the invention from leftover cake.

  2. Happy new year dear..lovely recipe

  3. Woooww....such a delicious fudge!!! happpy new year!

  4. Wow !!its gooey gooey fudge .Have a happy new year

  5. Delicious fudge. Happy new year dear

  6. wow, fudge looks tempting...Wishing U Happy New Year..

  7. delicious looking fudge,, nice recipe to use up fruit cakes..

  8. The beautiful bars

  9. Nice and tempting fudge. I missed the events on your blog, may be next time, please inform me.

  10. That's beautiful! Does it need to be refrigerated once it's done? I'm making it for my cousins in goa, was wondering if it can survive the 12 hour bus journey ?

    1. For Indian weather, it should be refrigerated. If travelling, refrigerate as soon as you reach your destination, it should be fine. You can try these christmas truffles instead of these bars, these will hold well http://www.fullscoops.net/2015/01/christmas-cake-truffles.html


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