19 Feb 2015

Egg Custard | Baby Food

I wanted to post some baby food recipes that I have used for my kids. These are recipes that have worked well with both my kids.
When you start weaning a baby at 6 months, it is best to start off with rice porridge/cereals. Slowly you can start including other foods too. I started giving my kids one egg each day at the age of one. You can ask your doctor when to start eggs and then you can try this delicious and healthy food for your baby.

Egg Custard

Preparation time 5 mins | Cooking time 15 mins | Serves 1

  • Egg - 1
  • Bread slice - 1
  • Cardamon powder - 1/8 tsp
  • Milk - 2 tbsp
  • Sugar - 2 tsp (or to taste)
Egg Custard

1. Break open the egg in a bowl with a lid. Add the milk and sugar.

2. Take just a little of the insides of a bread slice and add that to the egg + milk mixture.

3. Add the cardamom powder and whisk well.

4. Close the bowl with the lid and place it in a pressure cooker with little water added to it and pressure cook for 3 whistles, simmer after the first whistle.

5. Once the pressure releases, open the bowl and scrape the contents into a blender and blend to a smooth paste. If it's too thick, add little milk to adjust the consistency.

Egg Custard

1. If you don't want to add bread, you can leave that out and add 1 tbsp of nestum or cerelac. The bread/nestum/cerelac helps in thickening the pudding. Otherwise the pudding might be watery.
2. You can replace the sugar with condensed milk too.
3. I have tried this pudding without adding bread, nestum or cerelac but used condensed milk instead of sugar and it turned out thick not watery.
4. The cardamom powder is to prevent the eggy smell, I don't like adding vanilla extract to baby's food. You can skip the cardamom powder and add 1 or 2 tsp drinking chocolate. That changes the flavor of the pudding and masks the egg smell.

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  1. wow cutie props there.keep on posting this series dear.it will be helpful to all.creamy and good for kids

  2. The little ones would just gobble this down without any complaints...

  3. Healthy food for kids. Just awesome. Loved the way u have prepared the thing. Thank u for the share. Keep posting.

  4. tried with nestum but never used bread.It will be more tasty...Will try it soon

  5. Splendid idea of feeding babies with this custard.

  6. Yummy Idea!!! Will suggest this recipe to my sis...she's having a hard time feeding her prince!

  7. Comforting food for babies........ :)


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