6 May 2015

How to De Seed a Pomegranate

Pomegranates are one of God's best creation! It is such a luscious fruit and loaded with goodness. 
There was a day when de seeding a pomegranate used to perplex me but not anymore! It's extremely simple and easy!

How to de seed Pomegranates

Preparation time 5 mins

What you will need

  • Pomeranates
  • Knife
  • Cutting board / plate
How to de seed Pomegranates

1. With a sharp knife cut off the top of the crown. Make sure you don't go too deep and cut through the pomegranate arils (seeds), that will cause the juice to splatter. And don't cut too little that you can't see the inside. 

2. By nature, the pomegranate arils are placed in sections.

3. Follow the section and with the knife cut along the section. Do not go through and through, just make an incision. Sometimes there will be four sections sometimes six.
4. If you follow the sections correctly and make incisions you will not cut any arils.

5. Gently pry open the cut sections, it will come off easily. 
6. You will find a white membrane dividing the sections, you can peel them off easily and remove the arils.

7. Remove the arils and put in an airtight box and refrigerate it, if not using immediately.

How to de seed Pomegranates

1. The pomegranate juice will stain hence I use stainless steel plate. If using a plastic or wooden chopping board, you can use vinegar or lemon juice to remove the stains.

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  1. Useful tips. When I have to de-seed, it will be useful.

  2. Such a useful post.Thinking of the peeling fuss I sometimes feel lazy to even buy this fruit though everyone in the family loves to eat this.Thanks a lot for sharing...

  3. Lovely post... I cut into four and just start taking off... it comes off easily... Peeling is definitely the laziest part of handling a pomegranate!

  4. Nice one.. Thanks for sharing..


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