4 Nov 2017

How to thaw Fish quickly

It takes a long time to thaw fish taken from deep freeze. This method works well for me, it takes only about 15-20 minutes to thaw the fish as opposed to many hours of thawing. 

How to thaw Fish quickly

Preparation time 2 mins | Time to thaw 20 mins 

  • A pot/pan
  • Tap water
  • Zip lock bag / plastic cover
  • Frozen fish
1. Take the frozen fish from the freezer. 

2. Fill a pan with water and place the frozen fish in it.
3. If your fish is already in a plastic wrap then place it directly in the water if not transfer it to a plastic cover/zip lock bag and seal completely and place it in the pot of water.

4. After 20 minutes the fish is completely thawed, ready to use.

How to thaw Fish quickly

1. Make sure the plastic cover is completely sealed so that water does not enter the wrap.
2. Normal room temperature tap water is enough. 

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  1. I always wrap my fish in plastic bags and keep in the fridge, I too drop it into water so that it thaws faster, otherwise who has the time to wait? :)


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