22 Oct 2023

Ball Cake | No Fondant Ball Cake | Birthday Cake for Boys | Foot Ball Cake

My son's latest fascination is football! We have enrolled him in football classes so he's enjoying playing football and watching football. So for his birthday I decided to do a football cake. I don't used fondant in my cakes so I tried making this cake with whipped cream. 

I made two cutouts of pentagon and hexagon, traced an outline and pipped with the cream. I used blue color as I did not have black color. If you have black, then use black itself.

Ingredients needed
  • Cake - four 6 inches cake
  • Cutouts - pentagon, hexagon
  • Whipped cream
  • Gel colors
Watch the video

1. Fill and frost the cake with whipped cream.
2. Trim the top and bottom of the cake to resemble a ball.
3. Crumb coat the entire cake.
4. With the cutouts draw outlines of pentagon and hexagon. Draw outlines on the cake with the cutouts.
5. Pipe using whipped cream. 
6. Pipe some grass around the cake.

1. If you have black gel color, use that instead of blue color (unless you're an Argentina fan!!)


1. I have used four six inches cake.

2. Layer the cake, soak with sugar syrup and fill the cake with whipped cream.

3. Trim the top and bottom layers of the cake to resemble a ball.

4. Make two cutouts of pentagon and hexagon.

5. Draw outlines on the cake, starting with pentagon.

7. Pipe with white and blue whipped cream. I used white for hexagon and blue for pentagon.

8. Draw an outline.

9. Pipe some grass around the ball.

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