9 Mar 2014

Potato Fry Recipe / Urulaikizhangu Varuval Recipe

This is a guest post by my husband!! He agreed to do a post for me! I'm proud to introduce my husband Arun to you all!
    - Beulah

“How will it be if Mr.Fullscoops cooks one dish for a day? And then post the recipe in my site?” asked my wife.

First reaction of mine was: "No way". 

But then I realized, you can’t say No to Mrs.Fullscoops who does the toughest job of managing our two little Jr. Fullscoops (toddlers) and still keeps her passion alive with her blogging.

I said ‘Ok’ and I was avoiding doing that for a long time. Then one Saturday, I decided to fulfill my promise. I was looking for a simple recipe which I love. (My exposure to cooking was limited to my bachelor days in UK, where I had to cook to have a decent South Indian meal. Though I was in UK, my stomach always wanted only sambar/rasam/tamarind rice. So I had to learn by experimenting at cooking). With the available vegetables at home, my eyes were stuck on potatoes which has been one of  the best companion to my rice dishes of those days.

In order to refresh my memory on how I made it, I sought the help of my cooking coach- my mother (she is super fast and super efficient at cooking – “tasty dishes in shortest time” – that’s her motto). After consultation with my coach, took my ingredients and did what I call “Potato Fry” or in Tamil “Urulaikizhangu Varuval”.  

I really didn't want to fail as I often boast that I cook well! Fortunately by God’s grace, it came off really well! The FullScoops family had it with tamarind rice that happy afternoon and we lived happily ever after… haha :)

  • Potatoes – 5
  • Onion – 1 large
  • Fennel seeds – 1 tsp
  • Curry leaves – few
  • Oil – 1 tbsp
  • Sambar powder – 3 tbsp
  • Salt – to taste

1.       Pressure cook the potatoes for 3-4 whistles. It should be cooked but not mushy. Chop them into small pieces.

2.       In a bowl, add the potatoes, sambar powder and salt and mix well. Set aside.
3.       In a pan, add oil and fennel seeds and curry leaves.

4.       Add the onions and saute until the onions become translucent.
5.       Add the masala coated potatoes and mix well.

6.       Keep stirring in low or medium flame for about 8-10 minutes until it all blends well and the potato turns golden in color.

Goes well with rice.

1.       If you don’t have sambar powder or don’t want to use sambar powder, add red chilli powder or any masala of your choice. Or even a mix of many masalas.
2.       Using non stick pan helps as you need less oil and the potatoes and masala won’t get stuck to the pan.
3.       But using an iron kadai, gives a better roasted potatoes
4.       If you’re not using a non stick pan and if you find the potatoes sticking to the pan, add a little more oil and keep stirring.

Until next promise to be fulfilled,

    (Mr. Fullscoops)

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  1. yummy and tasty fry ..My fav :)

  2. quick and easy stir fry..looks yummy...liked the idea of the guest post from hubby..I wonder what will my hubby post if i ever tell him..lol

  3. hehe..thts a gud one.. my hubby wud post green tea if i insist :P Congrats Mr.Fullscoops fr ths luvly post

  4. Arun Anna it is a great idea of mixing the masala with potatoes before frying them.... We wish Full scoops family to live happily like this always... god bless you guys... :)

  5. Thank you all so much! My husband will be thrilled to read your comments!

  6. That is really sweet of your husband to do a post for you... :)
    Great job and a lovely recipe. Will show this post to my hubby who is a food maniac and loves hosting barbecue parties and also cooking... I am sure he'll get the needed inspiration for cooking and then writing for me...
    Both of you ar an adorable couple... Kudos to you both and your two little Jr. Fullscoops :)

  7. Flavorful and yummy potato fry....n adds sweetness to ur blog when ur better half writes here ....

  8. all time fav, love it sis... great job by Mr. fullscoops...

  9. very nice ji, superb name mr.fullscoops,

  10. What a fantastic and entertaining post. I really hope we hear more from Mr.Fullscoops in the future!! This is a dish I know my husband and I will love - as we do many others from Mrs.Fullscoops!! I can't wait to try it. Many blessings to the fullscoops family. x


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