22 Feb 2015

Rose Milk

Everybody loves rose milk, there's no one who does not like rose milk. Even my husband who hates milk and never even drinks milk/milkshakes, love rose milk. As a child I remember having this rose milk and rose milk popsicles, we used to love this as children! This is the simpler version of making rose milk and this works for us every time. 
I have posted a rose milk ice cream recipe, which was a huge hit in my family. Check that out too.

Rose Milk

Preparation time 2 mins | Cooking time - 0 | Serves - 1

  • Chilled milk - 1 cup
  • Rose milk essence - 5 drops
  • Sugar - 3 tsp (or to taste)
Rose Milk

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1. In a bowl, add the chilled milk and sugar.

2. Add five drops of rose milk essence and mix well.
3. Pour into glasses and serve.

Rose Milk

1. Use chilled milk instead of ice cubes.
2. I have used only 5 drops of essence since this is artificial and I did not want to add too much. You can add more drops if you prefer.

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