27 Jan 2016

Dairy Free Beetroot Halwa | Easy Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot halwa is one of my most favorite sweet dishes ever! The first time I ever tasted beetroot halwa was in a hospital!! I know it sounds crazy but after my second delivery, one of my hospital meals had beetroot halwa for the dessert! (I was in a hospital that served excellent food for the patients!) I remember I absolutely loved it and enjoyed it! I should say, I have never tasted a similar beetroot halwa ever after that but this recipe came very close to the tasty one I had at the hospital.

Beetroot Halwa

The other thing that I loved about this recipe is that, it is so fuss free to make it. The effort is only in scrapping the beetroots! There is no dairy added to it and still it tastes and looks gorgeous! 

Beetroot Halwa

I found the sweetness of this dish to be perfect but my mum and my husband felt it was a bit too sweet. I simply loved it! After all, a sweet dish is supposed to taste sweet right?! I hate a beetroot halwa that tastes like a slightly sweet beetroot poriyal! But if you too prefer a less sweeter version, check the notes section.

Beetroot Halwa

Preparation time 15 mins | Cooking time 10 mins | Serves 2

  • Oil/ghee - 3 tbsp
  • Beetroot - 4 cups packed (peeled and grated)
  • Sugar - 3/4 cup
  • Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
  • Cashew - 2 tbsp
  • Raisins - 2 tbsp
  • Salt - a pinch
Beetroot Halwa

1. Peel the beetroots and grate them. 

2. In a pressure cooker, heat the oil or ghee. Add the cashew and raisins and saute until the cashews are browned and raisins are puffed up.

3. Add the beetroot and saute continuously for 5 minutes.
4. Add the sugar and mix in with the beetroot. Saute for another 3 minutes. The sugar will leave out some water.

5. Add the cardamom powder and salt and mix well. 
6. Close the cooker and pressure cook at medium heat for 4 whistles.

7. Release the pressure immediately and open the cooker. There will be little water remaining, saute until all the water is absorbed.

Beetroot Halwa

1. Follow the instructions correctly for perfect halwa. Do not make changes, otherwise your halwa can get burnt as we are not using any extra liquid!! The beetroot gets cooked in it's own juices and the water left by the sugar.
2. As I mentioned earlier, the sweetness was perfect for me but my family found it to be too sweet. If you want to reduce the sugar, add 1/4 cup milk or water before closing the cooker so that the halwa doesn't get burnt. 
3. If you don't want red colored cashews, then don't saute them at first. Make the halwa, and  heat 2 tsp ghee separately in a tadka pan and fry the cashews and raisins and add it to the halwa.  
4. Saute the beetroot well initially to reduce the crunchiness of the veggie.

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  1. looks super tempting...gonna try it soon

  2. Looks so tempting... I would have replaced the oil with ghee and made this! Good one...

  3. the same method i follow for sakarai pongal and there you get a perfect caramelized pongal.love this idea beulah

  4. Delicious beetroot halwa..


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