10 Sept 2022

How to make a Beach Cake

How to make a Beach Cake | Ocean Themed Cake Tutorial - In this recipe, we will see how to make a beach cake/ocean cake.

Things needed
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1. Place a cake on a large cake board. The cake board needs to be larger than the cake as we will decorate on the cake board as well.
2. Cut the cake into two and soak the cake. Spread the condensed milk frosting and then place the next layer of cake, soak this layer too.
3. Cover the sides of the cake with the whipped cream.
4. To make the sand for the sea shore, add the biscuits in a dry mixee jar and blend it till the biscuits are nice and smooth. We will use this powdered biscuits for the sand.
5. Add 2 tbsp of melted butter to the biscuits and mix well.
6. Now spread the biscuits on one side of the cake to represent the sea shore.
7. Press the powdered biscuits along the one side of the cake. And spread some on the cake board also. Keep the cake in the fridge for the biscuit to harden and stick to the cake.
8. Divide the whipped cream into 2 small bowls. I made 2 shades of blue color, dark blue and light blue. 
9. Spread the dark blue shade along the sides of the cake to represent the deep end of the ocean and spread the lighter shade of blue near the sand to represent the sea shore.
10. With the remaining white whipped cream, add a layer along the sand the sea to represent the waves. Spread white cream here and there and spread it with a spatula to make it look like the waves.
11. With a palette knife do a design on the blue part of the cake to make it look like the waves.
12. Take the remaining dark blue whipped cream and spread it along the cake board too.
13. With the white whipped cream, I piped out some star fishes.
14. I made a simple fondant at home and used that to make sea creatures.
15. Place the sea creatures on the cake.
16. Color the remaining cream with green and pipe out some plants. Also if you have mocktail umbrellas, you can place that too on the cake.

Do watch the video for step by step description.

1. Adding little butter to the biscuits, will make the biscuits like slightly wet sand and it wont fly off from the cake. It will be easy to handle the powdered biscuits.
2. If you don't have fondant, you can make atta dough and use that too.
3. Or you can pipe out all the creatures with whipped cream itself.
4. I used 1 cup of whipping cream.

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