1 Mar 2014

Event Announcement - Taste Of Tropics

I am extremely happy to announce that Chef Mireille's event 'Taste of Tropics' is happening here for the month of March. Thank you Chef for giving me this opportunity! The theme for this month is CHOCOLATE/COCOA. Chocolate warms and comforts and sympathizes doesn't it! I know Valentine's Month just got over and you all must have prepared sinfully rich chocolate dishes! I welcome you all to share your recipes.

1. You can add any recipe using chocolate / cocoa.
2. Any number of new recipes and archived recipes are welcome.
3. Usage of logo in your posts is mandatory.
4. Please give a link back to this event announcement page and Chef Mireille's page.
5. Any number of archived posts are welcome but add the logo and link back to this page and Chef Mireille's page in all the entries.
6. Like my facebook page and Chef Mireille's facebook page.
7. Use the linky tool below to add your entries.
8. Event runs between 1st March to 31st March 2014
9. Maximum number of entries will be selected as winner.
10. Please mail me at blogfullscoops@gmail.com if there are any issues.


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  1. Very beautiful space and glad to follow u :)

  2. Happy Hosting Bealuh...will try to send some entry..

  3. First time here bealuh ...Happy hosting .

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  5. Happy hosting, will try to send my entry.

  6. Sorry for the delay dear.. linked two entries today... few more are coming up.. happy hosting :)

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  8. Wow Beulah i am loving to take part in event :) linking my entries and happy hosting dear :*

  9. liked and linked back to both of you :)


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