24 Dec 2017

Sprinkles Number Cake

This is an easy cake that you can make at home for a birthday party. It was my son's 5th birthday and this is the cake I made for the second birthday party. I made a Peppa Pig Cake for the first party and I chose to do this simple cake for the second party.

If you don't want to do an elaborate frosting, you can choose to do this simple design. Every child will love sprinkles and this easy method makes an ordinary cake look fantastic! My son loved to see the sprinkles on his cake!

Sprinkles Number Cake

Preparation time 20 mins 

Things needed
  • Frosted cake
  • Butter paper/parchment paper
  • Sprinkles
  • Pen
  • Scissors
Sprinkles Number Cake

1. Cut a circle to the size of your cake with a parchment paper or butter paper or any paper.

2. Draw the number or letter that you wish to be imprinted on the cake. I drew a number 5.
3. Cut out the number with the help of a scissors.

4. Place the paper on top of the frosted cake.
5. Slowly add sprinkles to the cut out area. Press well so it doesn't move away. Remove the paper. 

6. Add sprinkles around the circumference of the cake. I also added some sprinkles to the bottom of the cake.

That's it! Easy and simple design.

Sprinkles Number Cake

1. Make sure the cake is frosted and chilled before you place the paper cut out on the cake.
2. Press the sprinkles well otherwise it will keep rolling around and sticking everywhere.

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