15 Jan 2018

How to clean and cut a Banana Stem

Every part of a banana tree is very healthy for our body. This banana stem is the vertical part of the banana plant which supports the entire plant. This is one of the super foods! It is rich in fibre and potassium and iron among many others.

How to clean Banana Stem

Banana stem also called as vazhaithandu in Tamil reduces cholesterol  and blood pressure, helps in treating kidney disease, kidney stones, acidity, hemorrhoids, UTI , constipation and also aids in weight loss.

Being such a rich super food, it is essential to include the banana stem in our daily diet. There are so many dishes that can be made with banana stem. In this post, I will share with you the tips I have learnt on how to buy a banana stem and how to cut it.

How to clean Banana Stem

Things needed
  • Banana Stem
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Buttermilk
How to buy a banana stem
1. Before buying a banana stem, pierce the side of the banana stem with your nail. I have used a knife just to show you.

2. When you pierce the sides, it should go in easily and when you remove your nail/knife, the area of indentation should not discolor immediately.

3. Select a stem that is white or light cream in color. Do not select ones that have brown or black sides. 

4. While buying, you can check to see if the inner portion of the stem is large. Sometimes, the inner stem is small while there are lots of outer rings that need to be removed. The one I have bought has a small inner stem while there are large outer rings that needs to be removed. 

How to cut the banana stem
1. If you see the sides of the stem, there are rings around the center. Those rings have to be removed.

2. Make a cut with the knife and remove the outer rings. The inside portion alone can be cut and cooked. 

3. Take 2 tbsp of curd in 1.5 cup of water, beat well and set aside. This is the buttermilk. Adding cut pieces of banana stem to this buttermilk, prevents it from discoloration.

4. Cut round discs with a knife.

5. As you cut, you will see a lot of fibre coming along with the cut pieces. Remove the fibre with your finger.

5. Cut the discs into smaller pieces and add it in the buttermilk.

6. Finally, place a wooden stick, back of spoon or knife inside the buttermilk and keep moving it around in circles, this way any excess fibre will attach itself to the knife and you can remove it.

7. When you start to prepare a dish with the pieces of banana stem, squeeze the buttermilk out of the pieces and then use it. 

How to clean Banana Stem

1. If the stem is tender, there will be less fibre. 
2. You can also cut the stem into pieces, add it in buttermilk and keep in refrigerator to be used in the morning, This way you don't have to spend a lot of time cutting in the morning. 

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  1. Can we use the stem of any type of bananas? Someone told me stem of njali poovan is edible and not that of Morris banana.

    1. Hi Waheeda, as far as I know, we can eat the stem of any variety of banana.

  2. Love your detailed explanation. Thank you.


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