20 Jul 2018

Egg Chapathi | Egg Chapathi Roll

My kids like to take chapathi to school but they want to eat the chapathi only with curd. They don't like eating it with any veggies. This recipe is an easy way to make their lunch more healthy. The addition of eggs makes it protein rich and it makes the chapathi tasty too. You can add some vegetable stuffing in the middle and roll it up too. But my kids don't like it that way so I simply cut this up and pack it with curd.

Egg Chapathi

Preparation time 0 mins | Cooking time 5 mins 


  • Cooked chapathi - 2
  • Eggs - 2

Egg Chapathi

1. Break open an egg on the tawa and add salt and pepper on it.

2. Now gently place the cooked chapathi on the egg and press lightly. 
3. Cover with a lid and let it cook for 2 minutes. 

4. Flip the chapathi when the eggs are cooked and remove it from the flame.

Egg Chapathi

1. You can also break open the eggs in a bowl and add masala to it and make a masala egg chapathi.
2. You can keep some vegetable as a stuffing and roll it up and pack for lunch.

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  1. Looks lovely best for kids lunch boxes

  2. lovely idea of making egg chapathi..I usually make this for kathi rolls :)

  3. I always make something like this when I run out of ideas, but I would always pour the egg over the chapathi and sometimes it's a mess... totally love your idea, will try this way next time...

  4. One of the most loved Rolls in our home.. Always a super hit recipe!!


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