19 Sept 2022

Chocolate Biscuit Balls | No Bake Easy Chocolate Balls

Chocolate Biscuit Balls | No Bake Easy Chocolate Balls | Easy Chocolate Balls Recipe with Biscuits - In this recipe, we will see how to make an easy and quick chocolate balls made with biscuits. You can make these delicious biscuit balls with any biscuit of your choice or you can also make it with left over biscuits! Kids will love it! 

  • Biscuits - 200 gms 
  • Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp 
  • Condensed milk - 1/2 cup 
  • Dark chocolate - 100 gms 
  • Sprinkles
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1. Take the biscuits and transfer it into a dry mixee jar. Break it up roughly and add it in a mixee and powder the biscuits.
2. Transfer the biscuits into a bowl and add cocoa powder and condensed milk. Mix well till it all comes together to form a dough. If needed add 1 more tbsp of condensed milk.
3. Start making small balls. If the dough is soft and loose, then refrigerate for 30 mins and then start making the balls.
4. Again, if the biscuit balls are too soft, then refrigerate for 30 mins.
5. Melt the dark chocolate and mix till it's smooth.
6. Drop each biscuit ball in the melted chocolate, roll it in chocolate and place it on butter paper to set.
7. Before it sets completely, sprinkle some rainbow sprinkles on the balls.

Watch the video for step by step description.

1. You can use any left over biscuits lying around in your house.
2. You can eat the biscuit balls without the chocolate coating too.
3. I have already posted another version of these biscuit balls, do check out that recipe Marie Biscuit Chocolate Balls.

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