30 Sept 2015

Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

I have never been a fan of buttercream frosting so I always hesitate to make buttercream for all my cakes and cupcakes. I always prefer whipped cream and ganache. But I realized that everybody is not like me! There are people who prefer and some who love buttercream! So when I made these egg free chocolate cupcakes for my dad's office I chose to make this chocolate butter cream for them.
I should say this turned out to be delicious! Every body simply loved the cupcakes with this buttercream. I got calls from my dad's office, to tell me how much they loved it!

This recipe makes enough to frost a 8 or 9 inch cake.  I halved this recipe to frost my cupcakes. I got this recipe from an ace baker who runs her own business Sugar Bowl - Candida, who was kind enough to share this recipe! It's such a wonderful recipe to frost a cake and pipe with it too!

Chocolate Butter Cream

Preparation time 10 mins | Makes enough to frost a 8 inch cake
Recipe source - Candida Rodriguez

  • Unsalted Butter - 130 gms (at room temperature)
  • Icing sugar - 455 gms
  • Cocoa powder - 65 gms
  • Fresh cream (or) milk - 4 tbsp
  • Vanilla extract - 2 tsp
  • Salt - a pinch
Chocolate Butter Cream

1. Beat the butter till it's soft. Sift in (or pre sift and add) the cocoa powder and icing sugar and beat it well.

2. Add the fresh cream or milk and beat again till it's fluffy.

3. Combine it all together and the butter cream is ready to frost a cake or cupcake!

Chocolate Butter Cream

1. I used milk for this recipe, you can use fresh cream too.
2. Adding a pinch of salt balances out the sweetness of the buttercream to some extent.
3. You can add 1/4 tsp coffee powder too.
4. The step wise photos show a halved version of the above recipe.

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  1. I love the way it looks... so pretty!

  2. delicious chocolate cream and cute yummy cup cakes

  3. Nothing more to say except loved!! Really attractive.

  4. I too prefer ganche and whipped cream but buttercream does taste good..loving the clicks dear..simply gorgeous

  5. yummy creamy one..I too made a batch recently for my son's birthday,delish :)

  6. I hv tried making buttercream a few times but always end up with grainy texture....plz help

    1. Try using a different brand of sugar and the sugar should be very powdery. Sift and then use.

    2. Thnx a lot wil try that....I hv used weikfield icing sugar

  7. can you tell me the mesurement of butter,icing sugar and cocoa powder in how many cups?

  8. Hi Beulah, which brand unsalted butter do we get in India? Do you use white butter from local diary or margarine?

    1. Hi, I mostly use Aavin or Amul unsalted butter. You can use the white butter from the local dairy as well. I have never used margarine in my bakes.


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