26 Feb 2015

Eggless Chocolate Mousse with Ganache

I have already posted an eggless chocolate mousse recipe. But this recipe is by far my favorite, it tastes absolutely delicious! Nothing can come close to the taste of this mousse! Whenever I have left over cream and ganache, I make this mousse. I made these for a large family get together with some of my husband's friends and everybody loved this mousse. I was getting compliments even the next day! I made these mousse and vanilla cupcakes and both were a huge success!

Even my fussy picky kids loved it! As I was piping the mousse into these cups, my kids finished two! And the icing on the cake was, that night we went out to have some dessert and we ordered a mousse for my kids and they had one spoonful and kept it back saying "mamma, we love your mousse better, we will have that once we get back home!" If my kids gave that approval, then you must know this tastes really good!
Since I was carrying these with me to another destination, I used these paper cups. I cling wrapped it and it was convenient to carry with me. 

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Preparation time 30 mins | Setting time 2 hours | Makes 12 (check notes)


For the ganache
  • Dark chocolate - 225 gms (I used Morde compound)
  • Cream - 1 cup (I used amul fresh cream)
  • Butter - 1 tbsp
For the mousse
  • Heavy whipping cream - 2 cups (I used tropolite)
  • Vanilla extract - 1 tsp

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

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1. Making ganache - Chop the chocolate into even pieces. Heat the cream for 30 seconds - 40 seconds or until you can see bubbles around. Do not over heat the cream. It will curdle and over flow.

2. Pour the cream over the chocolate, make sure all the chocolate is covered. Set aside for 5 minutes.
3. After 5 minutes, whisk the chocolate and cream well. Add the butter and mix well. 
4. Make sure it's a homogeneous mix. Set  aside.

5. Making the mousse - Take 2 cups of cream and add 1 tsp vanilla extract. Whip well until it forms soft peaks, about 7 minutes.
6. Now add the cooled ganache and whip well until it forms stiff peaks. 

7. Scoop into serving bowls and let it set for 2 hours in the refrigerator. I used a piping bag to pipe into the cups.

Garnish with chocolate chips, curls or nuts or even whipped cream and serve.

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

1. You can use dairy creams as well but you will have to add extra sugar. Since I used non dairy creams, which are pre sweetened, I did not use extra sugar.
2. Make sure the cream, bowl and beaters are chilled before you start whipping. To know more about whipping creams, check this post - how to whip cream.
3. If you want the mousse a little sweeter, add a tbsp of icing sugar while whipping the cream.
4. This will serve about 12-15 dessert bowls, depending on the size of your bowl. I was able to fill about 40 paper cups.
5. I made the ganache first and then made the mousse later in the day and my ganache was set by that time. I think it's better if the ganache is not so set but wait for it to cool down before adding to the cream.
6. To know more about ganache, check this post - how to make ganache.

Until next time,
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  1. wow!! please pass me one cup...

  2. wow...thats a visual treat as well...I would love to have one :)

  3. They are so easy to make!!! Thanks for such easy tasty recipes!

  4. can i have one??......no, make that 6..... :)

  5. Beautiful and delicious one..... :)

  6. looks super duper yummy...I would not ask you to pass me one cos I want them all..too good dear...

  7. Beautiful chocolate mousse, looks delicious...

  8. hi beulah, the mousse looks divine. did you cover the mousse with cling wrap while setting in the fridge? how did you do it for these many cups?

    1. Hi, thanks! Yes I cling wrapped the mousse while it was refrigerated. If you see the last picture of the step wise picture, I have placed all these small cups on 2 large plates and cling wrapped the entire plate.

  9. This looks delicious. For how many days this stays fresh? Holding a party at home & thinking of preparing it 2days prior?

    1. Thank you! I usually make it one day ahead.


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