17 Feb 2016

Sundakkai Vathal Recipe | Easy Vathal Recipes

My mum and dad makes a lot of vathal/vadam during the summer months and we enjoy it for many months to come. Earlier my grand mother used to do this and she'll send it to all her children. But she's no more and now my parent's have started making these vathal every year or when ever there is good sunlight.

Sundakkai Vathal

I have already posted cheeni avarakkai vathal and vengaya vadagam recipes. There is plenty more to come!
Sundakkai is called as Turkey Berry in English. We use both the fresh and dried turkey berry extensively in our daily cooking. We use fresh turkey berry to make kuzhambu too. Check out the sundakkai kara kuzhambu recipe.

Sundakkai Vathal

Preparation time 3 days | Makes 1/2 kg

  • Dried sundakkai - 1/2 kg (store bought)
  • Curd or buttermilk - about 1.5 cups (or as required)
Sundakkai Vathal

1. Take the dried sundakkai and wash it well.
2. Whisk 1/2 cup of curd and add it to the sundakkai and mix well. Soak for a few hours.

3. Drain and spread the sundakkai in a cloth or a large suitable vessel .
4. Sun dry for 1 day and then at night soak again in another 1/2 cup curd. Sun dry again in the morning. Do this for 3 days or until it is fully dried. Store in air tight boxes.

5. To prepare - heat required oil in a kadai.
6. Add few dried sundakkai and fry for 10-15 seconds. 

7. Remove and drain in a tissue paper. 
8. Store the fried vathal in another air tight box and enjoy with your meals or you can make vatha kuzhambu with it.

Sundakkai Vathal

1. These vathals cook very quickly. If you're not careful, it will get burnt.
2. You can store the vathals (before frying) in an air tight box for a month.
3. Make sure the vathal is completely dried before putting it in a box.
4. I have not added salt because most of the times, the store bought dried sundakkai has salt in it.
5. We normally soak the sundakkai for 3 nights and in the morning dry it in the sun. If it's still not dry, keep it in the sun until it's fully dried but no need to soak in curd for more than 3 nights.
6. Soaking in curd/buttermilk removes the bitterness in the sundakkai.

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  1. Never made sundakkai vathal.But i am sure this will be most delicious with some curd rice.

  2. never tasted it..looks tasty

  3. Hey what is this sundakkai???

  4. Wnat to know about that ingredient?????? Where can I get this???

    1. Please read through the entire post, I have mentioned what it's called in English and how we use the fresh ones. We get these dried ones in a local supermarket.

  5. Me too never tasted it..it looks so yummy...the whole platter is delicious

  6. Hi,
    This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing this easy recipe. SUNDAKKAI VATHAL recipe looks very delicious. Never taste this. Want to taste this soon. Waiting for your next recipe.

  7. why donot we split sundakkai before soaking /

    1. You can split it if you want. We like it this way.

  8. Where we get this dried sundakkai is it available in grocery shop?

    1. Yes you will get it in almost all supermarkets.


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