29 Dec 2018

Avenger's Cake

My son's latest craze are the avengers! And he for sure wanted an Avenger's Cake for his birthday. I always bake my kids birthday cakes but this time I had no idea how to make an avenger's cake as I don't know to work with fondants so I was going to order an Avenger's Cake for him from the store. But I ended up making this cute little avenger's cake for him that he enjoyed so much, as he could keep all the little avengers and play with it!! I made the avenger's logo out of parchment paper and had him color it. He was pretty excited about cutting this cake! And he thoroughly enjoyed the little toys!!
This isn't much of a recipe but still I wanted to share this idea so someone can make a simple avenger's cake that your kids can enjoy!

Avenger's Cake

Preparation time 10 mins

Things needed
  • Cake - any frosted cake of choice
  • Avenger's logo 
  • Avenger's toys
Avenger's Cake

Some other themed cakes

1. Draw the avenger's logo on a baking paper or parchment paper and color it.

2. Place the logo in the centre of the cake and place all the toys around!

Avenger's Cake

1. I used this best ever chocolate cake for this recipe.
2. I bought the small avengers toys from Amazon. They are very small, only about 2 cms in size.

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